William Corr has never worked for ACE

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Re: William Corr has never worked for ACE

Postby vladimir » Sat May 06, 2017 5:27 am

gavinmac wrote:
vladimir wrote:Consent to CRC

If the school had no intention of requiring teachers to submit to CRCs, why give them the form in the first place?

What did the school do for the teachers who signed it? Did they run CRCs themselves, and if so, how?

At that stage, the signatories were under the impression the process would be completed. It worked for the 3 bozos, apparently.

Afaik, they did the checks themselves, relatively easy for past regional/local schools, even US, but UK is difficult, privacy laws mean the employee has to sign a form.

From my own experience, even for an academic record/transcript, many universities require a form signed by the person being investigated.

So feel free to claim you have a degree from Oxford/Cambridge, and paedos can relax, because the way things are, the law protects the con artists and criminals.

Korea, Vietnam, require a CRC for teachers. Not so many cases of paedos slipping through the net.

Schools need to be brought into line, in many cases owners know about dodgy characters but do nothing, believe it or not.

Can't we ask the PPP to do an article? Maybe get a response from the MoE?
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