Who might be first to go? Methheads and aged expats, TEFLers, NGOers?

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Re: Who might be first to go? Methheads and aged expats, TEFLers, NGOers?

Postby Miguelito » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:04 am

Pu Li wrote:I have been trying to explain what will happen for the last two months but it appears that K440 readers have the attention of a budgerigar.

So come away from that mirror and stop trying to peck yourself.

The old useless unmarried pensioners will go first, their next visa will be a short one and they'll have to go home to get another one, which will be not more than 3 months, and will not be eligible for renewal within Cambo.

Next to go will be the NGO's. They will be required to register and prove their worth, show income and outgoings, which most won't be able to because it's got CIA written all over it.

The TEFLers will have to have not less than a Batchelor degree and will have to have it notarised by their foreign office, they will also need a CRB certificate, again notarised.

So if you're in the above categories, start packing, but don't pack for China because that's where it all came from.

Sleep tight. :lol:

Doesn't it seem that in the long run the old pensioners may be the most safe (as in Thailand), with a retirement visa (however it's sorted out)?
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Re: Who might be first to go? Methheads and aged expats, TEFLers, NGOers?

Postby rgrowden » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:29 am

"...old useless unmarried pensioners"

Define useful.
Do you equate old with useless? Why is that?
Pensioners - again, is this meant to be derogatory? Why?

I'm 67, retired, have a pension, live in Phnom Penh. Been here for almost 5 years. Never been in a bar, never had a hooker, never been drunk. What I DO are these things: Always pay the rent on time. Never go out without being groomed and dressed nicely. Regularly go to the local barber, tailor, grocery stores, video store, clothing shops, bakery, coffeeshop, sports stores, etc. I have a regular tuktuk driver who takes me around to these places a couple of times a week. All of these places, all of these people, receive that pension money which has entered the local economy. I have health insurance. I take nothing without paying. I don't criticize the government or become involved in politics. I've learned and still study the language. I try to use it to talk with the people I meet. I'm your old, useless pensioner. Yeah, I should be among the first to be kicked out.
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Re: Who might be first to go? Methheads and aged expats, TEFLers, NGOers?

Postby Phuket2006 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:54 am

The 1st to go will be the under 50, working in some shady place in snv, kampot, pp without a wp
2nd will be teflers working in schools that dont provide wp

Ngo willNever be kicked out. They make the local khmers to much backshish

Soon they will come out with a visa for under 50, married to a local.
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