New Angkor Market (Siem Reap)

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New Angkor Market (Siem Reap)

Postby twiceayear » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:05 pm

A new and large Angkor Market opened a few weeks ago in Siem Reap. Its on Route 6 on the left hand side if your going from town towards the airport.

Drove out for the first time yesterday. Have to say I was impressed. In the other Angkor market locations they always did a nice job cramming in a lot of selection - but it was often hit and miss as to what they would stock.

This new location is much like a Western Supermarket. They have a large selection of goods and produce. Lots of fresh meat. 2nd floor has home goods ( could use some signs on the aisles to help find stuff). Saw Australian sirloin, lots of seafood, good selection of fruits/vegetables. Didn't get to simple browse through as we were buying stuff for a party last night but was pleasantly surprised with what I did see.

If your living in Siem Reap might we worth the drive out - especially if there is something you can't find elsewhere.
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Re: New Angkor Market (Siem Reap)

Postby springrain » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:49 pm

Yes, it's very good. I live just up the road, so it's a very welcome addition.
I recommend the 5L boxes of crisp, dry white wine from Berri Estates. Delicious served chilled and only $17.50!
And they always give new, shiny dollar bills for your change - even to barang!
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