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Postby Khmer Lesson » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:04 pm

Dear sir/Madam

The Khmer Lesson Team is established by the experience Khmer tutors. We have trained to be professional tutor since 2012 with expats and local teachers.
Since Khmer language has 33 consonants with 24 vowels as well as tricky sounds, the foreigner will be difficult to make the correct pronunciation. Khmer Lesson Team understand those problem and found the way to provide lesson our students in easy and funny method. Student will be able to speak Khmer language in a short time. Trust us, there is no stress at all to study Khmer Language with Khmer Lesson Team.

The role of Khmer Lesson Team is not only doing business, but also sharing Khmer language, Khmer culture, Khmer traditional to the world.
The Khmer Lesson Team have been teaching student and expatriates such as missionaries, UNDP, UNICEF, ECCC, KOICA, Volunteer, NGO employment and staff at Embassy, Rosewood Hotel, teachers in international school .etc

The successful point with learning a new language is “Motivation and Patient”, this is the slogan for Khmer Lesson Team. We always motivate and patient with our student. Most of student really gets good achievement for new languages. Since the technology is widely open, your location is not big wall to block you from learning new language. We have online course which our student can study through social network program, Skype or any other program as your convenience.
We are really happy to do one-on-one tutoring with our student if they are staying in Phnom Penh. The student can choose their favorite coffee place for learning, so you can enjoy with Khmer coffee taste and learn a new language. It’s such a relief way to study, isn’t it?

Contact us now to get friendly Khmer tutor
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 092606263

Khmer Lesson
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