Khmer Rouge Photographer Nhem En's Photo Album.

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Khmer Rouge Photographer Nhem En's Photo Album.

Postby Lucky Lucan » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:30 pm

This has some amazing photos, although the English is a bit rough and it's difficult to navigate, (it won't allow right clicking to open in another tab, and an annoying pop up comes up every time you change screen, looking for $1 million for his camera. Many of the photos are very poor reproductions but others are good.
Pol Pot visiting Thailand. ... d-mystery/
Pol Pot visiting China. ... acy-china/
Pol Pot buying a watch.
Khmer Rouge leaders go to Kampong Som on the train. ... mpong-som/
Pol Pot was sentenced to death by tire. (?) ... %e2%80%8b/

I was surprised to learn he also trained in map-making and made this well-known map of Democratic Kampuchea's zones:

Romantic Cambodia is dead and gone. It's with McKinley in the grave.
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