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Opening an ABA account ; no visa / no address ?

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Re: Opening an ABA account ; no visa / no address ?

Postby LaudJohn » Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:53 pm

ricecakes wrote:LJ

thanks for the update.

any info on the daily limits he has expatriating USD to AUS ?


No idea on any limit. He wants to keep his USD income here anyhow.

If you note my post in the general forum, I am trying to get some USD back to OZ. I may end up carrying OZ cash - bought from the money changers - back. I do at least 8 trips back per year. $AUD10k per person per time is ok. Take the family back for a holiday!

I have moved about $USD25k back in the past through the Telegraphic transfer/Swift system, without trouble, but that was a long time ago and with ANZR.
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Re: Opening an ABA account ; no visa / no address ?

Postby ricecakes » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:44 pm


Opened an ABA account today having preregistered via website

Only had tourist visa in passport so they opened a Non Resident account. Tiny difference in interest paid otherwise same functionality as resident account.

Passport only document needed.

I got a visa debit card with daily withdraw limit of $10,000 for $$20 a year.

Access to full internet banking with $10,000 per day international transfers.

For depositing initial cash they will take you to a private room if the amount.needs a machine , privacy etc.

Takes ten days for cards and pin devices to be prepared.

All in all very easy and the phone app is excellent.

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