New father to be!

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Re: New father to be!

Postby twiceayear » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:33 pm

Congrats to the OP, glad everything went well.

We had our 2nd child recently.

We had moved to outside Siem Reap from a small town after our 1st child was born. So we had initially gone to Bangkok Hospital in Siem Reap for my wife's checkups. And for our son's vaccines.

My wife saw a female OBGYN. Once. Then she was gone. So she went to a local nurse/doctor for her checkups. Used Siem Reap Bangkok hospital once in Dec/Jan I believe as she wasn't feeling well and I insisted she go. Saw a male Thai doctor who I thought was solid. But my wife preferred to stick with her female doctor. Finally, in May SR Bangkok hospital got a new female OBGYN so we went back and saw her. The woman is Khmer and is a solid doctor IMO.

At the same time, we cycled through 4 pediatricians at the same hospital for my son. 1st was a good female doctor - she lasted 3 months. Then a male Cambodian doctor we saw one time, then another female Thai doctor - again a good doctor. Finally, a male Cambodian doctor that frankly I wouldn't trust as far as I can throw him (and a few times it would have been pretty far).

As we neared the time for birth I simply overruled my wife's desire to have the baby born in SR. Even at SR BKK hospital the facilities are sparse - one OBGYN on call at night - and there was zero chance I was trusting any issue/problem with the newborn on the current pediatrician for our son.

So we went back to PP Royal Hospital. Saw her previous OBGYN (female Khmer), had a check up. Had some medical files transferred and waited for birth.

I was a bit disappointed they wouldn't offer us the package deal. But they were upfront about it - didn't matter that we had tried to use SR BKK hospital and they are part of the same chain.

Birth was good. Took longer this time - baby larger by 1kg. She was in labor for probably about 3-4 hours. Not too much pain. Again I was pleased with the delivery, the nurses, and the care for the baby in the nursery. Again we had some difficulties with the certificate of birth - they wanted to switch first name/last name on the form (compared to the 1st one we got). After much debate they produced it so it matched the previous one in terms of format for the baby's name.

My wife was in the hospital one day less this time so they've eased up on the "you have to stay three nights after delivery no matter what" that was told last time.

The total hospital cost was $3K. $2K for delivery and my wife's care - and $1K for the nursery/pediatrician care. Thought the nursery was a bit much for a couple of days but whatever. Had we gone each month - the packaged price was $1800 for normal delivery. Last time they had tacked on another $300 or so on top of the packaged delivery for things "not included". So it cost us about $900 extra for not qualifying for the delivery package.

So Royal PP 2 for 2 for us and I was generally pleased both times with the level of care.
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