Getting a Khmer passport for half-breed, experience

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Re: Getting a Khmer passport for half-breed, experience

Postby pedros » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:00 pm

PSD_Kiwi wrote:The passport office has a list of required documents posted, in both English & Khmer (and iirc, Chinese also). There is also a sub-decree which details the required documents...none of which include marriage certificate or foreign passport.

The official was obviously just trying his luck to see if he could extract some tea money, unfortunately for him Pedro's actually was able to produce those documents

Actually not. We produced the documents, but he wanted a photocopy. He said (and it was true) that the agents should provide copies. Although he was sitting next to a photocopy machine he made the mrs go out to find the agent's lackey to make copies.

His old lady colleague next to him took a shine to the khon khat and fed him bread with chocolate sauce, leaving the cham family behind waiting. It's all a laugh.
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Re: Getting a Khmer passport for half-breed, experience

Postby PSD_Kiwi » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:09 pm he didn't actually request copies until you produced them, so he wasn't really being a shit c**t, just being a bit of an ass for the sake of it.
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Re: Getting a Khmer passport for half-breed, experience

Postby GMJS-440 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:55 pm

pedros wrote:
PSD_Kiwi wrote:Again...Marriage Cert & foreign passport are NOT required... fact.

OK, go and argue with the fat old guy in uniform who decides whether or not to sign your application then. He didn't seem to like foreigners very much, he gave off that vibe. Just relaying my exact experience yesterday.

Which is exactly what I experienced getting birth certificate, and I was forced to go to a different sangkat as a result.

It is common sense that a person's parents being married or not has nothing to do with that person being able to get a passport, birth certificate, etc.. What about the case where the foreign father takes off and wants nothing to do with the child? That kid is not allowed to ever get a passport or birth certificate? Punk ass scam artists

First I went to the US embassy to get certificate of birth abroad and the embassy asked me to return with the contact information of the sangkat cunts who were telling me I must be married to get local birth certificate. Instead of kicking that off just went to sangkat where my wife grew up and they helped us.

So NO IT IS NOT REQUIRED, but the Sangkat CUNTS may tell you it is in order to extort a hefty bribe from you.
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Re: Getting a Khmer passport for half-breed, experience

Postby twiceayear » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:19 am

For what its worth:

We got a birth certificate issued for our son with minimal difficulties. I actually got it myself (though did have a neighbor/friend of my wife with me - (we aren't legally married)). Took the certificate of birth, mom's family book. I had my passport and her passport and that was about it. Now about 7 people magically showed up to do exactly what I'm not sure - but one of them knew some English so that helped. Biggest problem was getting the name right - I had to write it down several times on paper - and show them my passport - and write my name down several times on paper. Finally, it was explained that on the form the given name was below the family name and they consider a middle name to be part of the family name. Generally they were helpful in getting the forms completed.

Got the document (three copies) in about three days.

Now the one comment I'd make is that we had a problem when we got the Khmer passport. They kept saying that they couldn't put my son's name correctly on the passport! I politely stood my ground and simply repeated about 30 times that I would not change my son's name. So they made us refill out some forms and then magically his name could be put correctly on the passport. They claimed that the local birth certificate was incorrect - but when I got a translated copy made (shortly after) everything looked ok to myself. And we had no issue with getting the US passport using the local Birth Certificate.

When getting the passport we had the birth certificate/certificate of birth/our passports/wife's family book. But I don't know exactly what was used as she has a friend that works in the passport office and we used her friend's "friend" to fill out the forms. All I know is that after a long hot morning everything was ok and we got the passport about 3-4 weeks later (we don't live in PP but it magically showed up somehow). I believe that I paid the friend's friend $20 for her help (my wife did everything except insist on the name - I just hung out and smiled and occasionally handed over some cash).

When we went there was construction nearby on the main road and getting in/out was a major hassle.
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