Who owns what

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Re: Who owns what

Postby Ouch » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:17 pm

It sounds better than them giving your bike away to some thief who pretends they lost the slip
What, they going to say they lost the key also

I aint no grand thief auto expert but you could ignite the bike with no key in less than a min
I didnt say I lost the key

Did you show them the registration card in your name?
Even Khmeres cant get a second hand moto reregistered into their name.

Next time put your ticket in your wallet and don't lose it
Not going to be a next time, thats why I am asking who owns what. I will boycott all four. The idea of offering parking is to lure you to their store, no free parking, I wont spend my money there.

Really My bike is registered in my name, cost me $15
Must have been a new bike, no such process for a used moto, been there done that.

It might be inconvenient for you but the procedures are in your interest
But why the need to fine people, $5 is a hard days slog in a factory for Khmer people who can only afford a moto.
I will spend my money at thai hoot.
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