Phnom Penh Passport Offices & Documentary Requirements?

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Phnom Penh Passport Offices & Documentary Requirements?

Postby Ot Mean Loi » Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:50 am

It's some time since I last procured a Cambodian Passport for a Cambodian National and my former police contact who worked in the main passport office has gone off the radar and I can't contact him.

Accordingly, I now seek the following information:

Q 1) Exact Street Address of the Main Phnom Penh Passport Office.

Q 2) Documentation Required to obtain a new ten (10) year life Cambodian Passport. It USED to be just:

National Photo ID Card
Family Book
But I now see on notification about the new passport office on third floor of Aeon Mall 2 at Sen Sok City the need for:

Birth Certificate - in addition to the above two documents.

Q3) How and where does an adult without a "Birth Certificate" obtain one, given that the Family Book has served as his/her birth certificate up to now for all official purposes. Cost if known $.

Q 4) Current True Cost $ for a Cambodian 10 year validity passport?

Q 5) Has anyone used the new passport office on level three at the new Aeon Two Mall at Sen Sok City and what was your experience there please?

Factual and accurate replies only please. ( Probably an imossible request on this forum - but one can life in hope).

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