Sir Fuckwit from

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Sir Fuckwit from

Postby keeping_it_riel » Tue Nov 23, 2004 11:34 am

For those who don’t know is a place where sad, depressed sex tourists bang on (and on) about the glory days when they could spend their yearly holidays sitting out at Svay Pak, 11 kilometres out of town, performing depraved sexual acts on very young, trafficked Vietnamese girls. These wrinkly, nylon shirt wearing, baldy-windover morons call themselves ‘heatseekers’ and boy, have they attracted heat; from the feds, from Interpol and from the international news media.

So now the party is over and they’re all feeling woeful. Hero of the Stupid is a man who calls himself ‘The Godfather’ and quite ridiculously speaks of himself in the third person. His performing monkey is ‘Sir Fuckalot’ aka Sir Fuckwit who describes his location as ‘Phom Pehn,’ I kid you not…..but is much more likely to be found wanking over his computer in a Trailerparksville, USA or possibly some hillbilly outback town in Australia.
Fuckwit has to be the most illegible bachelor in town and the ultimate airhead. This man writes such badly spelt illiterate, autistic garbage that you’d have to call Einstein to get it deciphered. Everything Fuckwit says usually ends up with an unfunny homophobic rant and I find this to be interesting.
Something somehow tells me that this constant bitching about his critics being ‘pooftahs,’ ‘kathoeys’ and such like can only mean one thing; a huge case of self denial. It probably started in his school days at showertime when he looked on enviously at other boys who were so well endowed that they could wrap their schlongs around their waists and then he’d glance downwards and realize that his shrivelled weenie was about the size of the bit gets thrown away after a circumcision. And now over fifty years later he dribbles badly spelt bile and jizz all over the keyboard of a PC that houses his guilty little secret; 10 gigabytes of ladyboy porn with each and every hormone chewing, shrivelled cock kathoey having a flesh pipe bigger than his own.

Anyway, Fuckwit. Your fans all want to know. Will you be coming to Cambodia soon? Are you still managing to save $10 week from your pension for that yearly one week jizz fest? When you and Logos get horny, who catches and who pitches?
What a life. 51 weeks of onanism and inserting gerbils into your behind followed by 7 days sordid, scaley rutting with yamma addicted sex workers who look down on you and find you physically, emotionally and personally repellent. That’s how addictive yamma is matey, these young women will fuck even you to get the money for some more. 51 weeks of the year scrimping and saving to become a walking cash machine at La Cyree for seven days. That’s your life mate and you’re welcome to it.
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Postby Playboy » Tue Nov 23, 2004 11:41 am

KiR, do not beat around the bush, tell us what you really think about the circle-jerk that is and its cronies.

We could have a whip round to buy them a packet of biscuits which they could then make soggy.
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Postby scoffer » Tue Nov 23, 2004 9:12 pm

I take exception to your comments, we don't have Hillbillies in Oz. And to attempt to associate that stain you get in your jocks when you pass a wet fart ( aka the god father ) with my country, well it amounts to cruel and unjustified punishment for all the people that live here.

I refuse to go out with nothing more than a whimper followed by a small farting sound and a shit stain on my bed sheets..
Just thought I'd share that with you.
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Postby Borderline Dipso » Tue Nov 23, 2004 10:48 pm

Indeed there's no hillbillies.

But If you combine the forces of the Ockers and the Bogans you're bound to include a few tens of thousands of people at least mentally and socially equivalent to hillbillies, though with slightly more laughable accents. Now, if we were to chuck in that small aboriginal minority in the countryside (ahem ahem) of non-stop cask drinkers on top of your Bogans and Ockers, you australians would be making American hillbillies look like the kind of folk who seasonaly rent a box at the Opera, feel that Morning Dress is dressing down, that anything less than the Ivy League for their children (like, UCLA for example) is tantamount to the University-of-Real-Life (Compton Campus), and that caviar is just a touch too common nowadays.

Not to diss the aussies too much, they're sound as a cheap-fake-pound. But that Godfather fella and his buddies are a touch.. more out of touch.. if that doesn't upset the grammarians a touch to touching much.


-'nuff said (borderline)
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Postby hanky » Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:10 am

They are a sad bunch over there.It doesnt seem like many of them finished school,and they have a serious lack of humour.Horse did a good job winding these idiots up when then they noticed that he had put "Mills and Boone,Flowers,Bunny wunnys,pink things,etc"or something as interests in his profile.At this point the intellectual geniuses thought they had him figured as a "FWC",or lesbian or whatever!They then spent ages trying to figure out what takes about half a second to realize was a joke.
If you decide to post on their site,I suggest putting "Guns,sex,beer,cars,viagra" down as interests in your profile,you dont want to confuse these guys or anything,they seem kind of addled and you might give them a brain haemorrhage.
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Well done scoffer!!!

Postby ecstatic » Wed Nov 24, 2004 7:07 am

scoffer well done sticking up for your fellow Australians!!!!

A agree it is not fair to associate the SE-Asia board dicks with us!

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Postby Mac » Fri Nov 26, 2004 12:27 am


I’ve stayed out of all the debates between the two forums. But I think it’s time to weigh in on some of the issue that’ve been raised in the latest skirmish. I know that 440 thrives on conflict, because it gives some people the opportunity to display their wit, but there are better ways to rouse the board from its current state of torpor than to attack km11.

The Horse is welcome to go over there and attack the likes of El Tigre for his own entertainment. But I think it was a bit stupid to urge them to come over here to debate with the rest of us in order to prove which forum has the best writers. All I can say is fight your own battles, dude. I’ve read a lot of El Tigre’s posts, and he’s a heavy thinker. He writes long, eloquent, profound shit on a range of topics. I don’t know why anyone would single him out for a fight except that he’s the best able to defend himself.

The only thing we got out of this latest skirmish is a bunch of threads repeating old misconceptions about each other’s boards. No one but Logos even attempted to write a balanced post, which isn’t surprising, since he’s the only one to comment so far who really posts on a bunch of different forums.


There’s a lot to be said for km11. They have a core group of committed posters, who are united by a common interest, and they’re able to sustain a pretty high level of discussion with long posts and threads. They have some heavy dudes. I can single out El Tigre, Logos, Myiad, Johnboy, Iubit, and Bitterbanger. There are other posters whose names I recognise, but whom I haven’t formed an impression of, such as Strider, Frank Malt, Heddidiot, and Elenos. Then you have, just as every forum does, the dross. But it’s true that they have some particularly wretched examples in The Godfather and Sir Fuckwit.

There are different types of discussions going on over there. 1) There are the “reports,” which often seem like crappy “erotic fiction,” and which are the particular delight of wankers like The Godfather. 2) There are the “fact” threads, which can be useful, which almost never yield engaging or challenging debate. 3) There are the “obsession” threads, those long, tedious, paranoiac rants about “police surveillance” and “NGO conspiracies.” 4) There are the truly interesting discussion threads, where dudes go on about their relationships with “hse.”

The different posters there prefer different types of threads. I like threads in the last category. I think they relate to what I’ve been writing about on the mainpage and to discussions I always have with mates. The only thing that annoys me about those guys is how they glorify “mongering.” That’s such a sex tourist attitude. It’s all feast and famine. I don’t care if you come across five times a year and do 100 girls every time. I don’t care if you live in Phnom Penh and do another girl every night. In terms of experience of relationships with hos, and the questions that they raise, those activities are basically irrelevant. That’s why I find Qwerty so dull. He’s a fucking machine. He has nothing to contribute except “reports” and “facts” and “obsessions.” His reply to anything else is always the same, “Fuck and forget.”


A lot of what they say amount to half-truths.

1. “There’s no interesting discussion on 440.” It’s true that we have members who come and go. We have trouble finding common ground. Sometimes, we don’t have much commitment to generating challenging discussion. They’ve recognised that, I think. But what we have is a lot of wit and a wide variety of topics.

2. “They’re all kids who come across to economically depressed countries for kicks and measure out time according to ‘how long they can take it.’ ” Obviously, that might be true for some of the posters and more than a few of the lurkers. But it’s not true of most of the core posters, many of whom are at least in their 30s and none of whom are ’round-the-world backpackers. Look at some of their posters, though. Some guys like The Godfather come across for a holiday once in a while for his own kind of kicks. So?

3. “They’re all sexless young puritans.” This goes back to that sex tourist obsession with “mongering.” Some posters there seem to think that, just because a guy isn’t dedicated to racking up sheer numbers of sexual conquests, that he’s somehow asexual. Also, they seem to think that guys who fuck one girl, and fuck few girls on the side, are also asexual. The thought process involved here is just . . . stupid. But it’s true that the forum itself is relatively sexless.


1. There’s probably a lot of reasons this forum seems sexless, and none of them have anything to do with its core members being Christian NGO workers who were whipped as children for having “impure thoughts.” For me, it’s just a matter of being discreet. I used to be pretty careful about revealing my personal life on the forum. I’ve loosened up quite a bit over the past year. But I still don’t want to go too far. It’s a simple matter for sex tourists (and a trip to the Heart will show you that there are sex tourists of all ages) to go on about their lifestyle on a public forum. But for those who live in Phnom Penh, work in staffrooms full of backstabbing little weasels, or have bosses who might disapprove of people with certain lifestyles, it’s just a matter of keeping one’s public and private lives separate. Still, I like the way the dudes on km11 put their life histories out there, and connect them with their opinions, because it makes the discussion deeper.

2. This forum is about all aspects of expatriate life in Cambodia. For the sex tourists like The Godfather, whose only interest in the country is in two weeks of debauchery a year, the topics on 440 are probably irrelevant. But for people whose interest in the country is greater than (but does not necessarily exclude) punting, then this site has a lot to offer. The problem on 440, unlike on km11, is finding some common ground. I think El Tigre was right when he said a lot of the posts here seem self-contained. People have varying levels of experiences, different interests, and it’s not always easy to start a good debate among such a diverse group of posters. I sort of hope that the new mainpage will act as a catalyst to future discussions. I mean, it’s easier to start a substantial debate on an article that’s carefully constructed and that’s made some substantial points.

3. There’s little love for NGO dykes here. They get the Swooshy treatment. But some of the km11 dudes seem like wacko jihadists when they go on about how all NGOs are engaged in a worldwide conspiracy to eliminate sex. They can’t distinguish between someone working to help AIDS sufferers and someone trying to lock up bar owners. That’s just the blindness of obsession. Perhaps this comes from the limited range of their interests and experiences. Sex tourists like The Godfather have no business talking about the aid industry in Cambodia. But they score points over there for spewing uninformed platitudes about NGOs . . . Stupid.
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Postby The Governor » Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:19 am

The problem with this forum is mainly that most of the main members live here, and Phnom Penh being the small place it is, know each other to different extents, as a result there not going to go spilling their heart or thoughts all over the board, do you think that the KM11 boys would be quite as frank if they knew people who knew their wives or their mothers read the forum also, and were more than aware of who they were?

I doubt it!

All it boils down to is this, KM11 is a sex tourist forum, and Khmer440 is an expats forum, and fair enough maybe a few of the members on this board engage in extra caricular activities, the same as maybe some of the members at KM11 are expats, but they're not going to run around the place they live and work shouting about it.
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Postby Paul_Pot » Sat Nov 27, 2004 8:41 pm


I broadly agree with your analysis of the KM11 board. As usual, you’ve made some fair and perceptive comments. KiR chose a couple of easy targets in Fuckwit and Godfather, both of whom come across a quite laughably primitive people but personally I can neither forgive nor forget their gloating over the murder of a middle aged Khmer woman who happened to be employed by the Church World Service.

Occasionally though, I quite admire the way that the KM11 lot keep soldiering on despite ‘their’ Cambodia evaporating by the day.
Compare now to the year 2000 for example. Street 63 is no longer a street of brothels and the few commercial sex venues still existing in that area prefer not to admit white ‘heatseekers’ for the simple reason (as KiR accurately points out) that they draw heat.
Svay Pak no longer exists and by bragging about their debauchery all over the internet
its’ enthusiasts and adherents played a very large part in the demise of what they call used to call ‘the country club.’
Martinis is a very pale shadow of its former self; and that’s a good thing as I remember the days of prowling packs of 13 year old girls overseen by pan faced ‘mamasans.’
Furthermore, the demise of Svay Pak has led to a very abrupt ending of the trafficking of young Vietnamese girls which in turn will have a spin off effect as when most of the indentured Svay Pak sex workers paid off their debts or outlasted their usefulness, they’d graduate to the cities late night freelancer venues. I’ve already noticed the effects of this phenomenon; certain 24 hour bars known in the past for being stuffed full of young lovelies are now stuffed full of glum faced men wondering where all the action has gone.

Is if that isn’t sufficiently grim then worse is surely to come as fourteen different NGO’s compete for the millions of $US available to end the commercial sex industry in Phnom Penh.
So despite all the fighting talk and bravado over at and despite the debatable eloquence of one (or maybe two) contributors there, ultimately they are collectively tilting at windmills.
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Postby Shadowfaxx » Sun Nov 28, 2004 7:18 am

I spent a couple months cruising their board as well as this one, and soon grew tired of the fact that all they talk about is how to fuck whores and for as little money as possible. Only a few over there strike me as decent, regular type guys.
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Postby Shadowfaxx » Sun Nov 28, 2004 9:50 am

Hi Katz,

Yeah, I know-- and it grew tiring. I mean, why should I have to say over and over, "no really-- I am a woman" ? I guess they are surprised that any woman could be as open minded as I am. Whatever. By the way PM me with your ID over there, I am just curious.

Want to meet over a beer in a few weeks? Can't wait to get back. :pissed:
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Postby Vox Clamantis » Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:14 am

I think Gov really hits it on the head. It really is a case of "apples and oranges". K440 and KM11 are two totally different boards and there seems to be little real crossover.

What I like about K440 is that most people on the board are united by a great fascination for Cambodia. Everyone seems to have various reasons for it but they all express it in the way that they talk of the country. I don't see that same love for Cambodia expressed universally at KM11. I have never really seen much in depth chat about Cambodia, the country, on KM11 and I think that is because very few of the readers spend regular time there. There have been some interesting threads on restuarants but that is about all.

I don't see much point in trying to goad them in coming onto this board or visa versa. It can be entertaining (re. Horse) but ultimately it is pointless as both sides have little time for the other.

Mac, thought your points were pretty much spot on.

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Postby the horse » Mon Nov 29, 2004 4:18 pm

By the way PM me with your ID over there, I am just curious.

Katz, why do you and nearly every km11 forum member use different identities when on this board?

Want to meet over a beer in a few weeks? Can't wait to get back. :pissed:

I'd seriously think about that if I were you, SF. [/quote]
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