Malaysian Bike on Temporary Import

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Malaysian Bike on Temporary Import

Postby christmas » Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:46 pm

Hi all
I am riding a Malaysian registered bike, all in my name, and will be heading to Cambodia in a month or so. I plan to stay there for a few weeks.
After this I want to leave the bike in Phnomh Penh in storage while I go to Vietnam for up to three months. I do not want the bike with me in Vietnam. After this I will return to Cambodia, collect the bike and exit to Thailand.

Can anybody offer any advice about the options for leaving the bike in Cambodia for up to a total of four months? I have already read through all of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=28214&start=24 but it is a few years old now and got a bit nasty toward the end.

It seems there are a couple of options: Cross and get put on the system and given 30 days. No idea about extending. Or I can cross and avoid customs and hope for the best, then avoid customs on the way out again. I'd prefer to do things the right way but I know I'm in SEA and that isn't always possible.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help :)
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Re: Malaysian Bike on Temporary Import

Postby Phuket2006 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:26 pm

First i assume your riding up thru Thailand,
if the bike is in your name, bring the book with you, you will get 30 day temp import papers at the border.Make sure you buy insurance at the border ( its available at Sadao border BEFORE you depart Malaysia on the left hand side where u need get stamped out of Malaysia
make sure you get all the paperwork and stamped correctly

It will take you apx 3 full days of riding to get to the Hat lek/koh kong border ( took me 2 days driving my car from Phuket last nov) which is one of two that you can take your bike into Cambodia (the other is below Surin, at Osmach)
you will turn in your paperwork, get stamped out of Thailand
enter Cambodia where they will ask you for 150 baht /day ( no paperwork required) your going to remain ( with the bike in Cambodia ( it was only 100 baht /day last year)
SO it will be very expensive to keep it there while you travel to Vietnam.

SO take another day and head up to Surin where they DO NOT charge you /day to enter. Again no paperwork required.

There is NO WAY you can cross either of these borders (easily) and avoid customs or enter at Pailin or PoiPet

Good luck, bear in mind your insurance will NOT be valid an make sure your headlight is OFF during the daytime riding.
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Re: Malaysian Bike on Temporary Import

Postby christmas » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:47 pm

Thanks Phuket.
I'm currently in Laos and will cross at Udon Thani, so I'll be doing the Thai import for the second time. This means the headlight is already taken care of too.

How do they charge THB150/day if there is no paperwork? Or do they want it up front? I'd like to avoid that so I'll head to Surin.

Am I correct to interpret this as meaning the bike doesn't officially exist in Cambodia, if there is no paperwork? So upon exiting it should be ok again?
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Re: Malaysian Bike on Temporary Import

Postby yapws » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:09 pm

Anyone tried on Malaysian registered car?
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