How do you stay healthy?

It's a common complaint; health and healthcare in Cambodia is basic at best. Here is the forum to share information about doctors, hospitals, dentists and all other health-related issues, and for Dagenham to nag us about healthy breakfasts.

Re: How do you stay healthy?

Postby Hanno » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:50 am

slavedog wrote:
Hanno wrote:
slavedog wrote:
Hanno wrote:I think this was the first New Year's Eve in decades I did not have as much as a glass of Champagne. Spent the day in hospital with the daughter getting an infusion, then returned to the hotel to a miserable band and temperatures around 3 degrees. I was happy to be in bed by 10pm and go for a run the next day.

If I never have to endure another 'countdown' I'll be happy. Although I suppose as the kids get older I may be cajoled into staying up past bedtime.

A good boozy lunch to celebrate the new year on Jan 1st is definitely way forward.

Agreed, but will never happen as long as I work in hotels. 1st of Januaries are busy as heck.

Lots of complaints about the miserable band to deal with?

Among others. Lots of complaints about the shite weather :facepalm:
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