Grey Girls – Part Two: The Slug at the Centre of the Spider’s Web

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Or, the fat girl connection

Of course, the grey girl subset that is looking for Western boyfriends falls into a bit of a special category all on their own.

In one particular establishment, that I know very well, one of the ?good girls? acts a facilitator for the grey girls, for the sake of ease, let us call her ‘Slug Girl’.

As Slug Girl is fat and ugly, nobody really wants to pay her any attention, however, this ‘mound of the hound of the Baskervilles’ has one of the best grasps of the English language you are likely to find inside a bar in Cambodia.

So, what she does is try and act as a facilitator between guys and the other girls that work there. She tries to circumvent the bars usual operating procedures and sets up lunch dates [i.e. when the bar is closed] between the guys and various girls

What happens then is the guy has 3 or 4 Khmer girls turn up for a free lunch [Slug Girl included of course!] this goes on until one of two things happens;

i) The guy gets fed up with it and stops seeing any of them, or;

ii) The guy and girl actually get it on.

If the latter happens, then the other girls drop off for a bit, say, only one free lunch or so a week.
Of course, this does not stop Slug Girl trying to use the girls on other ‘ventures’, for more free lunches for herself.

If the end result is that the girl and guy actually get on, the girl stops work and ‘looks after’ her boyfriend as a full time role. He, of course, supports her, pays for school, et cetera.

But even here, Slug Girl is still at work in the background, she will call the girl to try and get her out to other ?free lunches? also, she will ‘borrow’ money from the girl every month ? never to be repaid of course – maybe a sort of finders fee???

Ultimately, the guy gets wise to this and that is often where the problems start.

No guy in the world wants his girlfriend going out on ?lunch dates? with other men, even if she is only there as a ‘filler.’

Also, most guys resent part of their money going to support this slug of a girl every month, or coming home from work to find her continually in their fridge.

Of course, it could be said that this is their equivalent of a support network. Having been ostracised by their own culture, which has a harsher, more black and white, view of it.

Also, with these grey girls not being part of the ‘hard core’ bar scene, they have to rely on each other more, however, when this reliance is used by one of the girls to serve her own needs, rather than the needs of the group, surely that is wrong?

Or is it just more grey ???



For those of you who know me personally, none of the girls mentioned above are anyone that you know, or have seen out socially with me at any time; since writing this story all of them have moved on from the particular bar where they worked to other bars, hence me feeling comfortable in publishing this.

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