Security Concerns in Phnom Penh

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Although Phnom Penh is generally a safe place, there have recently been a number of assaults and robberies on foreigners which have generally happened late at night.

One of our readers has supplied some valuable security advice. If you believe you are being followed find the nearest place that is open, a guest house, Caltex service station, bar or if you see guards at a premises STOP get off and phone for assistance. It is important to know your environment.

Take the time to make a slow trip home of an evening and make a mental note of what is around you, know what is open late, which bars are open what premises have guards etc etc.

Armed Robberies – Permanent Warning. They are still making the headlines with the same areas continually coming to notice especially the Wat Phnom area. Other problem areas include Monivong, Norodom, Streets 60, 53, 108 152, 90, the Vicinity of Wat Phnom, Olympic Market and Orasey Market have come under notice again. Our advice if confronted is to comply. You may wish to consider throwing your wallet or purse to the ground about 6 to 8 meters from you creating a safe distance between you and the attacker also allowing you a chance to flee. It is more likely that the attacker will be more interested in the wallet then yourself.

Hot Spots – Wild weekend for Street 108 and vicinity with the sale of The Military Police HQ in Street 108 and the remaining buildings being demolished, the street and surrounding streets have become a meeting point for young gang members and has seen a rise in street prostitution and robberies. The north side of the street has little to no street lighting and the Wat Phnom characters have moved in.

Wat Phnom and the surrounding area continues to be problematic and is unlikely to change in the near future. Over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of November, Street 108 saw 4 major incidents including 2 serious collisions one involving 3 western females who were seriously injured when they were struck by a vehicle while on a moto.

There were two serious brawls between gangs one at the intersection of Norodom and Street 108 which blocked the road for several minutes and the other on Sunday evening at the intersection of Street 108 and Street 51. All of these incidents occurred between 7pm and Midnight.

Witnessing an Incident – If you are unfortunate to witness a serious incident or be on the fringes of one (especially Khmer v Khmer) our advise is DO NOT hang around and wait.

Simply exit the premises or remove yourself from the location. There have been some incidents recently where after it seemed the situation had resolved (brawl) the loosing persons returned with reinforcements and the incidents continue and in some circumstances escalated.

The incidents of Khmers using guns against westerners are NOT common however their willingness to use extreme violence against each other is well documented it’s not worth becoming a potential innocent victim just to see what is going on. (Worth thinking about).

Local Crime Summary This section is produced for your information only from local papers and police sources. The date of incident may vary as some articles and sources do not specify an actual date of incident just the date of reporting. Date: November 21st and November 26th, 2006 Kandal November 21st :- 3 male youths were detained by police after a brawl erupted at a local bar that was hosting a party.

During the brawl a KP59 was produced, as a result one person was killed and two seriously injured. Police state the brawl erupted as a result of drunken behavior. Phnom Penh November 21st:- One male youth died instantly from several blows to the head from a sword.

The victim was set upon by a group of young males as he left a dance party. Police state the victim may have insulted another male attending the party. Phnom Penh 21st November:- 9.30pm Chom Choa Road (Past Airport, Large round about to Kampot, Sihanoukville) One male died after being transferred to Calmette hospital Police state the male was a victim of an armed robbery by unknown persons and was left unconscious on the road and was then struck by another moto. The victim’s moto has not been recovered.

Kompong Cham 22nd of November: A tourist van collided with a tree and overturned on Street 72, as a result 3 persons died and more then 20 persons were injured and taken to various hospitals. Police state that the van was exceeding the speed limit.

Phnom Penh 21st of November:- 5:30pm Orrusey Market 2 armed males approached a stall holder of the market and stole her takings of 3 million Riel. This incident occurred on Street 139 while the victim was returning to her home.

Phnom Penh 22nd of November: One male died at Calmette Hospital at about 8:10am from gunshot wounds. Police state the victim was shot during an armed robbery for his C100 motorbike.

Phnom Penh 22nd of November: 3 youths were detained by Police after they had committed a bag and jewellery snatch along Street 294. Phnom Penh 22nd of November: A young 17 year old female died instantly after her moto collided with a truck on Monivong Bridge. Kandal 22nd of November: One male was detained by Police after he was accused of raping then murdering a 12 year old girl.

Kampot 22nd of November: One male died instantly after he was attacked by unknown persons with an axe as he slept under his house. Police are still investigating.

Phnom Penh 23rd of November:- A French female national died after she jumped from a second floor balcony of a premises along Street 184. Police state the incident occurred at 7:30am. Police report the female may have had a crisis.

Phnom Penh 24th of November:- Two male youths were seriously injured and several others injured during a wild brawl that stretched from Monivong Bridge to Kandal. The two rival gangs chased each other with swords and engaged in a high speed motorbike pursuit across Phnom Penh. Police arrested 8 of the group at about 10.30am.

Phnom Penh 24th of November: One male youth died instantly after being shot in the head by unknown robbers while he sat on his motorbike with his girlfriend in the Chroy Chhangwa (Opposite side of Tonle Sap along river side) The robbers stole the motorbike and a mobile phone before fleeing.

Kampong Chhnang 25th of November: One male and one female died instantly after their motorbike struck an embankment. Police state the rider was drunk and riding on the wrong side of the road at high speed. Battambang 25th of November: At about 10.00am, 2 males were arrested after they committed an armed robbery using an AK47 to rob the local boss of a of soy bean shop. The thieves stole 10 million Riel and fired the rifle several times without injuring anyone. Phnom Penh 26th of November:- Gang violence again erupted along Street 108 at the intersection of Street 51 at about 11.30pm. Police managed to disperse the rival gangs however made no arrests.

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