Lord Playboy”s Cambodian Nibbles: The Shop

The Shop
39, Street 240, Phnom Penh
023 986 964

I was having a serious problem the other afternoon, I just had too much goddamn cash in my pockets; every time I pulled out my phone, wads of it would just skitter across the office.

An immediate solution was required; hence, I headed over to The Shop to dispose of some of my hard earned income.

Taking one look at the waddling overpaid gluttons, indolent weird beards, oatmeal nibblers, lentil flickers, braying NGO grizzlies and other assorted enemies of fun frequenting the restaurant, I opted for the takeaway service, selecting from the pastry counter. The only other option would have been to grab the nearest broom and beat them all to death.

Cherry Tartlet (US$0.75)
The smallest out of the tasting trio, a mere two inches in diameter, but very tasty never the less, sweet fruit and sauce, crisp pastry base, made me wish that I had bought two of these.

Chocolate Eclair (US$1.20)
This was just six inches in length and 30 seconds in duration with a chocolate fondant topping rather than a chocolate topping and filled with some form of yellow, tasteless, gelatinous sludge. Knocking back five litres of cooking oil would have been preferable.

Raspberry Tartlet (US$1.80)
Nearly three inches in diameter, half an inch thick. This actually, turned out to be just a big jam tart, full of raspberry jam, which was slightly disappointing after the scummy cherry tart that had actual fruit in it. The pastry was good, crisp but still moist

Next time I have the problem of overflowing pockets; I will just go home and let Lady Playboy deal with the issue.

Lord Playboy Nibbles

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