Kep’s Expat ‘Santa Claus’ Road Rage Psychopath

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Worrying news reaches us from the languid, sun-kissed town of Kep, normally known to us for its fine fresh crab dishes enjoyed during laid back hammock-based weekend breaks.

‘I’m not normally a keyboard warrior, but I’m making an exception.

I was nearly run off the road on the way to Kep at 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

A 4×4 tried to overtake a line of 3 cars, all at once, when he could clearly see that I was less than 200 meters away and travelling in the opposite direction. If the first car he’d overtaken hadn’t braked up heavily and made a space for him to drop into, we would have collided, or I would have to have left the road altogether and hit the ditch.

I wouldn’t normally say much as it’s common enough here, but this time I’m deeply serious.
You see, the guy driving the oncoming car was a white guy, and that was the second time he’s done that to me on that road. Both times he has looked directly at me as we passed and narrowly missed.

If anyone knows the name and common whereabouts Santa Clause look-alike in his mid fifties who either works for the Red Cross or has access to their vehicles and/or drives a very large, old, white 4×4 (possibly an older model Toyota Landcruiser) with a Red Cross logo on its sides and who regularly drives on the PP to Kep road, please contact me.

If you are that guy and you are reading this, I’m giving you fair warning. The next time I see you I will chase you down and kick your arse around the road, my wife was in the car with me and you scared her witless.’

If you know this menace to society, who clearly won’t be happy until he kills somebody, then go here.

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