A Reporter’s Dangerous Guided Tour through Democratic Kampuchea

During Cambodia’s most desperate hours, Elizabeth Becker, along with a few other journalists, was given a tour of Democratic Kampuchea in 1978. For the first time ever in Cambodia, Elizabeth Becker presents her multi-media exhibit from that trip. The exhibit includes a variety of photos of the country and recordings of interviews with Pol Pot, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith. It also includes her recorded narration of the 1978 trip, which ended with an attack on her group and the murder of a British professor.

Elizabeth Becker, former New York Times correspondent and author of When the War was Over, the classic history of Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, is one of only two Western reporters to visit Cambodia when it was Democratic Kamphuchea.

A Reporter’s Dangerous Guided Tour through Democratic Kampuchea
Exhibition from February 9 to 29, Opening February 9 at 6:00PM
Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, 64 street 200

Photos used courtesy of Elizabeth Becker

2 thoughts on “A Reporter’s Dangerous Guided Tour through Democratic Kampuchea

  1. D.W Reply

    I can’t wait to see this! That photo of central market is very surreal, just like she describes most streets in phnom penh at that time.

  2. Dengchao Reply

    Bugger. Only just heard about this; now it’s over? I knew of the Swedish bloke who came through and read of the pommy “professor” in the Bayon (I think he only made it to associate professor as his papers lacked the objectivity and balance when he was an advocate of radical communism); I often wonder what the last thing was, other than that 7.62 round, that went through his head when the KR blokes burst into his room with AKs.

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