Honey Interruptus, Money Interceptus

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Prey Veng Province – A man was detained and questioned by Prey Veng municipal police on the 14th of August before being sent to the provincial court the following day for allegedly bilking a prostitute of her pound of flesh.

Major Chun Narith, Prey Veng Town’s chief of police stated that the arrest of Ni Kosol, a 29 year old from Prey Svay Village, Chong Ampil Commune, Kanhchriech District, Prey Veng Province, followed a complaint they had received from the victim, a 20 year old woman from Preaek Dach Commune, Leuk Daek District, Kandal Province.

She had been on duty as a beer girl at the Neang Phoun restaurant, located in Village 1, Kampong Leav Commune, Prey Veng Town.

In her complaint she stated that on the evening of the 2nd of August the accused, Ni Kosol, and two of his friends had arrived by moto at the Neang Phoun Restaurant. Shortly after commencing their meal, Ni Kosol had begun to sweet talk her into sleeping with him at a guesthouse for 50,000 riels ($12.50).

After they had fine-tuned an agreement, Ni Kosol had taken her by moto to the Chong Phom Guesthouse, leaving his two friends behind at the restaurant to sit and wait up for him. While in the midst of engaging in bought sex, Ni Kosol suddenly had broken away to repossess himself of the 50,000 riel payment stuffed in her pocket, as well her Nokia phone; then had fled the room, returning alone to the restaurant on his moto, where he picked up his waiting friends before riding off with them into the night.

The accused in turn related that at 6:00 in the evening of the 2nd of August, 2012, he and two friends had gone to eat at the Neang Phuon Restaurant, and that a beer girl, whose name he did not know, had approached him and wheedled him into having sex with her for 50,000 riels.

When their mercenary sex was dragging on into overtime ដោយការរួមរ័កនោះមានរយៈពេលយូរពេក, the girl had protested the overextended sex session by struggling to extricate herself from him, and had ended up kicking him off the bed onto the floor. He in turn had picked himself up and threatened her with physical violence before finally reclaiming his 50,000 riel payment, as well as her phone, and beating it on his moto.

The police official stated that the accused was of a playful disposition, but self-absorbed and incapable of respecting the rights of others; traits which had led to him being charged with welching on a deal for paid sex.

News translated from the original Khmer by Porky Pig

Original story via the Koh Santepheap

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2 Responses to Honey Interruptus, Money Interceptus

  1. philip phan says:

    wow! what a fine translation! leave it to porky. thank you porky.

  2. Gasser says:

    Say what you will about things here, I like it when a workin girl can apply for justice and gets in the door.

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