Jewish High Holidays in Cambodia 2012

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Join us for High Holiday services at the Chabad Jewish Center in our comfortable location, where the prayers are warm, the people are friendly, and everyone feels at home.

Our services are open to all Jews, regardless of background or affiliation. Our style is friendly and welcoming. We seek to make all our attendees as comfortable as possible. The services are traditional, conducted with the beginner in mind. No experience needed. Many of the prayers are therefore read in English and a running commentary by the Rabbi accompanies the entire service, including stories, inspirational thoughts, insights to the meaning of the prayers and more. The service includes much festive as well as meditative singing.

You can always just stop in to services at the Jewish Center, but if you know your plans in advance, please take a moment to RSVP to help us better prepare for you and your family. There is no charge or membership fee to attend the services, except for first night dinner at the Hotel. However, we would be thankful if you can sponsor one of the 100 prayer books we bought for $30 each.

If you want to be more prepared and know what to expect, we will be more than happy to privately introduce you to the prayer book (the Machzor) at your convenience!

If sitting in Synagogue for 3 hours is not an option for you, we recommend a 90-minute window that will include a short service, the Torah reading, the Rabbi’s sermon and the Shofar blowing. If you are uncomfortable with the Synagogue setting and are Looking to do something light and additional, try the Tashlich service. Friend See full schedule below.

We are trying to match the needs of each and every individual. Please contact us with any of your concerns.


Sunday, September 16, 5:45pm at Hotel Cambodiana

Join Jewish women and girls the world over in lighting a holiday candle for each family member, ushering in a year of peace and blessings. Evening Services begin with an overview of Rosh Hashana’s history and significance, followed by a brief service. Following services, Kiddush is recited and traditional apple and honey are tasted. Enjoy a festive dinner.

5:45 pm – Candle Lighting at the hotel, Tonle Bassac
6:00 pm – “Welcome 5773” Rabbi B. Butman
6:15 pm – Evening service
6:45 pm – Festive Dinner. RSVP needed. $20 for adults $10 for children. Payment can’t be done on the holiday. Please contact us at [email protected]

Monday, September 17, The Jewish Center

With all of the time you’ll be spending in Shul these days, might as well make it rewarding. During services, we’ll discuss some of the fundamental ideas and questions you may have about prayer. If you really want to make your time work, feel free to email the Rabbi, and he’ll include your questions in his talk. Plus, every prayer book will include a High Holiday Reader – a selection of writings on the High Holidays and Prayer – for you to keep and read at your leisure. Listen to the Torah reading, the Rabbi’s sermon and most special of all, the sound of the Shofar, along with the prayer of Musaf. Now that your soul is satiated, enjoy our signature salmon dish, pomegranate salad, and more at a full festive meal.

10:00 am – Rosh Hashanah Service
11:15 am – Torah Reading
11:55 am –“Does G-d Receive Text?” Rabbi B. Butman
12:15 pm – Shofar Blowing
1:30 pm – Festive Meal

Family Tashlich and Shofar Blowing
Monday, September 17, 5:30-6:00pm

We’ll head to the Mekong River to recite the Tashlich services.
We will walk out of the Jewish Center at 5:30 and will reach the river at the back of Hotel Himawari at 5:45.
The service will take 15 minutes.

6:15 Candle lighting, Service and fastive dinner at the Jewish Center. Dinner by reservation only.

Friday, September 18

10:00 am – Rosh Hashanah Service
11:15 am – Torah Reading
11:55 am – “Giving begins at home” Rabbi B. Butman
12:15 pm –Shofar Blowing
1:30 pm – Festive Meal

Tuesday, September 25

Join Jewish women and girls the world over in lighting a holiday candle for each family member, ushering in this holiest day of the year. Get swept away in the hauntingly beautiful tune of Kol Nidrei. Kiddush will be postponed for 24 Hours due to the elevated state of our beings. Instead, you are welcome to enjoy an amazing discussion about G-d’s Relationship to the Jewish People. Challenge the Rabbi with you questions.

5:30 pm – Candle lighting.
6:00 pm – Kol Nidrei and Evening Service
7:00 pm – The Jewish Faith and Tradition. An open talk.

Saturday, October 8

10:00 am – Yom Kippur Services
With a similar style to the Rosh Hashana services (see above) we will guide you through the prayers, so they will be as meaningful as possible. Listen to the Torah reading, and the Rabbi’s sermon. Join us for Yizkor, the memorial prayer remembering our loved ones who have passed on. And one more thing: Ever wonder what Yom Kippur services were like thousands of years ago? We’ll have a step-by-step review of Yom Kippur services in the Beit Hamikdash.

4:30 pm – Mincha
In this service, we read the fascinating story of Jonah and the Whale.

5:15 – Neilah Closing Services.
Considered the climax of the High Holidays, Neilah’s moving prayers melt even the hardest of hearts.

6:15 pm – Final Shofar sounding.
We conclude the Yom Kippur service with a triumphant dance and a resounding shofar blast, assured of G-d’s blessings for the coming year.

6:25 pm – Break the fast with the community.
You’ve made it! Stay to break your fast on a delicious buffet with all the trimmings!

We wish you and yours ample blessings in finances, family, health, happiness, life of meaning and a Shana Tova U’metukah—a year overflowing with goodness and sweetness.

Rabbi Bentzion Butman

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