French Teacher Arrested for Blackmailing with Nude Photos

Phnom Penh – Police from the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department of Phnom Penh have arrested a French English teacher for distributing obscene photos and uttering threats.

The teacher has been identified as a 33 year old Frenchman named ‘GONZALES FRED ERIC,’ currently renting and residing at House 40 E1, Street 426, Tuol Tompong Commune, Chamcormon District.

Police stated that on the 23rd of October, 2012, the Anti-Human Trafficking Juvenile Protection Department of Phnom Penh had arrested the Frenchman for distributing obscene photos and uttering threats after they had received a complaint from a 20 year old female Vietnamese sex worker from Chbar Ampouv 1 Commune, Mean Chay District.

In her complaint the victim stated that during one particular assignation the Frenchman had forced her to pose nude for him while he took photos of her with his phone.

Afterwards, the French English teacher would keep ringing her up requesting that she sleep with him, but the victim would refuse. He then threatened her with exposure by stating that if she would not sleep with him, he would post her nude photos for the public to see.

Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

13 thoughts on “French Teacher Arrested for Blackmailing with Nude Photos

    • Jay Reply

      I am not French; but you seem to be a bit anti-French. I would think there are as many sleazy limeys around. So why the racism (‘typical sleazy Frog) when you otherwise hold up the banner of multi-ethnicism?

  1. Jay Reply

    A prostitute wouldn’t pose nude? She wouldn’t want to sleep with him again? Maybe he didn’t pay or not enough, but this whole thing sounds like a police frame-up.

    • Jay Reply

      Frog is derogatory and when the word ‘sleazy’ is added it assumes a racist connotation. The term racist includes ethnic or national groups these days.

  2. JJ Reply

    Jay. Quite reasonable a prostitute wouldn’t pose nude for pictures, too many idiots who like to post them on the web. If he had forced her to do something she didn’t want, then it is quite reasonable for her to not want to sleep with him, whether or not he offered to pay. She is after all a prostitute not a slave. Show some respect.

    • Jay Reply

      JJ, you give these prostitutes too much credit. The internet is full of those pictures. Respect? So you think this is a profession like any other? I beg to differ. It’s a frame-up, clear and simple. This story cries to heaven.

  3. Luk Cru Reply

    What obviously fabricated bull-shit.

    All this story does is show publicly how corrupt the Khmer police force is. The journalist that posted this should be ashamed to unthinkingly publicize any interesting story.

    I only feel sorry for the man that has obviously been scammed (I wonder how much he had to pay the girl and the police in “fines””) and then had his name blackened.

  4. Gonzales Reply

    I am Frederic Gonzales. So I will tell you: That woman stole from me. As a result I told her neighbours that she is a thief and a liar. She was angry ( although she is thief )and bribed the anti-human trafficking unit ( which by the way gets bribes from the brothels in which children are kept. I know because the ONG that that woman first came to see, but failed to convince and could not bribe, told me. I also met a pedophile in prison who told me he paid them to delete evidence to have less time behind bars ). She was given money by a pimp, 1000 dollars ( he wants 500 dollars for introducing her to the ‘police’ ) and bribed them. And so a photo I had of that woman ( on which no sex nor anus is seen ) became a photo on which she is naked ( hopefully my lawyer has the fake report they wrote and the photo to show that they lied – they say they ‘ exaggerated to protect the victim ‘ – ). The pimp demanded 6000 dollars from me. I did not pay and was sent to prison. Now the woman does not want a profit as she fear a trial and so ‘only’ wants the money she owes to the pimp. I am, or so I opine, a good person. I am honest, polite, I help poor people to learn English for free, my mistake was to feel lonely and after many years in Cambodia I made the mistake to frequent a prostitute ( it is not because she is a prostitute in fact, it is the fact that she is rotten to the core ).

  5. jonh Reply

    Yes i had a similar experience in Cambodia, strongly recommended stay away from this place you get in trouble for not doing anything wrong, but this bloody corrupt police is out there to get you and you money,

  6. huub Reply

    Yes ,similar experience when i visited Cambodia in 2016, got i trouble to for nothing doing wrong, bloody corrupt police toke my phone and laptop and my money and put me in prison i had to pay them 25000 us,to get out jail. Pls stay out of this country is so corrupt, and the police is so bad.

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