Cambodia: How Small Lies Become Big Lies

Posted on by Peter Hogan


Introducing Kellsey Hansen aka @khansen28 on twitter

Take a good look at her.

Purely for her own amusement, Kellsey enjoys telling racist lies and defaming entire nations on twitter.

In the grand scheme of things, Kellsey’s throwaway xenophobic untruths then get retweeted by sensation-seeking news agencies and soon after become established ‘facts.’

So the falsehoods of a small town, far-away teenage bigot soon thereafter become part of a set template the Western mainstream media and money-mad ‘equal rights groups ‘ has for Cambodia. So mote it be.

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4 Responses to Cambodia: How Small Lies Become Big Lies

  1. NK says:

    You know who’d be interested in Ms. Hansen’s views? All of our good friends at the Khmerican forums. Perhaps sending them a link to her tweet is in order? And to the folks at the Khmer sites as well for the more practiced English speakers. It’s very early in America right now, that could make for an interesting day for her.

  2. FreeSocrates says:

    Only problem with this article, is that she is correct there is a small village where they do this. I also don’t see any racist comment in her tweet, could you please point out where she has been racist? Am I missing something?

    Here’s some reputable news sources on the story:

    • Peter Hogan says:

      The racism is in the lazy, stupid stereotyping of Khmer women being ‘sluts’. And just to hammer that point home, she hashtagged it.

      The other aspect is her generalizing. Note, she didn’t point out that her supposed ‘truth’ applies only to a minority community (an obscure hill tribe in the boondocks supposedly)but instead suggested that all Khmer women do this.

  3. nemokyrre says:

    The Daily Mail article about the Kreung features a photo of a houseboatboat. Great research work!

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