Murder Suspected In Israeli’s Death

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Phnom Penh, Wednesday 21st November – An Israeli citizen wearing combat color pants cropped at the knees, a red sleeveless t-shirt and a (disposable dust/germ) mask over his mouth ពាក់ម៉ាស់, plunged to his death from the fifth floor of the Soriya Mall, located in Psar Tmey 1 Commune, Daun Penh District.

The incident occurred at 6:30 of the evening of the 20th of November, 2012, causing pandemonium and prompting the general public to immediately surmise that this was a case of murder.

A police official stated that the dead foreigner has been identified as ‘TENNE BINJAMIN,’ a 57 year old male Israeli national. He was holding a passport, #10919353, with a 28 July, 2017 expiry date.

According to the statement of a female witness who did not wish to be identified, she had first seen the male victim riding up the escalator in the company of a Cambodian woman. She appeared to be about 30 years of age, with a soybean (probably buff-colored or sallow-hued) complexion សំបុរសណ្តែកបាយ and shoulder length hair. She was wearing blue-colored blue jeans ខោខូវប៊ូយពណ៌ខៀវ and a black long sleeved t-shirt. Once they had arrived at the fifth floor, the pair were seen standing about watching the children as they skated.

A little later, the male foreigner had come up and was seen standing alone smoking a cigarette. Suddenly, without understanding what was happening, the female witness heard a noise like an object falling to the ground floor below.

Immediately, she went to take a look. Only then did she draw a connection with the foreigner who had been standing and smoking a cigarette. He had fallen to his death below. As for his female companion, she had disappeared without a trace.

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Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

Expat reaction on this K440 forum thread.

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19 Responses to Murder Suspected In Israeli’s Death

  1. Dave says:


    Has to be.

  2. Peter Hogan says:


  3. Ken say says:

    She would have to be a very strong khmer woman to have pitched him over the balustrade-perhaps a hamas sleeper cell involved?
    If so,lets hope they keep up the good work.

  4. Paul says:

    Uh… Security cameras???

  5. Post American says:

    seriously, ever micron of a walmart is covered in cameras to prevent a possible theft of a 99 cent candy or pair of socks, but aparently the airport in Cambodia isn’t a real security concern. I actually love this… I hate feeling like there are cameras watching my every move in the USA, now I know even in an airport in Cambodia there are no cameras.

  6. pete w says:

    You guys must be pretty sure of your own virtuous lives to post such judgemental vitriol. I have no idea what sort of a person the deceased was, but was at Soriya moments after the event; it’s a little unsettling to think that anyone would celebrate another’s suicide.

  7. Peter Hogan says:

    Whatever kind of lifestyle this guy led and however he dressed, I fail to see how his religion or nationality is relevant to the narrative.

    I’ll be deleting future racist or anti semitic comments.

  8. S.Lunn says:

    Bravo Peter, thank you for deleting your previous comments, I shall do likewise

  9. Someone says:

    There is no doubt that Benny did not hurt himself. He was quite optimistic about the coming future and had short term as and long term plans. He was looking forward to his next job in two or three months.
    All his recent web messages were positive and optimistic, expressing good mood including an email he sent on the day he died.

  10. donald duck says:

    It sounds like an accident. The fool probably sat on the banister. Maybe his girlfriend mock pushed him and he actually fell. Then she panicked and ran like hell.

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