Road Rage Hun Kicks Coot’s Old Camry

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Kampot Province – An elderly Cambodian man driving a Camry Paong គូទប៉ោង (Khmer name, based on design, for older model Camrys circa 1990) has accused a foreign national of riding up to his car on his moto and kicking it in a rage after he (the elderly Cambodian) had honked at him from behind to allow him to pass.

This incident occurred at 10:56 on the morning of the 22nd of November along the stretch of road leading to the Tuek Chu tourist site, at the point where it bifurcates in Oa Touch Village, Ondoang Khmer Commune, Kampot Town.

Both drivers then drove on to the ‘Poste de’ traffic police Kampot in order to have the police deal with their dispute.

The driver of the moto, a black colored 125 cc 2010 model, was identified as a German man in his 30s named អេគ្រ្ហីស សាក់ (A as in bay, sounds like Kris or Christ, sounds like Suk or Sachs).

He informed police that he had not kicked the car, but only raised his leg defensively out of fear that the car was going to graze his moto in passing.

However, the driver of the Camry, a 60 year old Cambodian named Seng Keing from Kompong Bai Village, continued to maintain that the foreigner had come up adjacent to his car and delivered a kick to its side which left a mark on it.

With one side steadfastly maintaining and the other side steadfastly denying, both parties were taken to the city police station to seek a resolution to their squabble.

Porky Pig

Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

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4 Responses to Road Rage Hun Kicks Coot’s Old Camry

  1. Post American says:

    In Soviet Russia car kicks you!

  2. Veasna says:

    When I came to live in Cambodia ten years ago , I hated
    people who honked their car at me, later I learned that
    honking was not rude in Khmer way , just their way to make us to pay attention to them or they may want to pass us.

  3. Adam says:

    But it’s not helpful when they have no chance to pass or there’s not enough room or they’re coming at you in an attempt to overtake but are on your side of the road. Middle-finger raising is hard to refrain from with utter arseholes who seem desperate in their attempt to kill you.

  4. Bo says:

    I think the old man love his car too much. Some people believe owning a car makes them look more unique in society. In Cambodia, people who own the cars always believe that they have the way of rights. They will run people over by disregarding human life which is more valuable than the cars. They don’t want deal with the fact that cars can be fixed, but human life cannot.

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