Well Known Canadian Musician Vadim Scott Arrested in Battambang

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Canadian arrested for child rape

Byline: ផ្កាយព្រឹក
Sunday, 5th January, 2014, 2:06 pm

Battambang Province

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Youth Protection Office of the Battambang Provincial Police arrested a Canadian man on suspicion of having taken a 14 year old boy to his room for sex in a hotel located north of Boeng Chouk Market, in Prairk Mahatep Village, Svay Pow Commune, Battambang Town.

The arrest was made at 12:10 am, 5th January, 2014, after the suspect had taken the 14 year old boy to his room for sexកាលពីវេលាម៉ោង១២ និង១០នាទីរំលងអធ្រាត្រឈានចូលថ្ងៃទី៥ មករា២០១៤ ក្រោយពីសង្ស័យថា ជនបរទេសរូបនេះនាំក្មេងប្រុសអាយុ១៤ឆ្នាំម្នាក់ទៅរួមភេទនៅក្នុងបន្ទប់

An official from the Office identified the suspect as VADIN SCOD, a 43 year old Canadian, who had entered Cambodia on a tourist visa. The same official stated the suspect had brought a 14 year old boy to his room in the Haing Lay Hotel for sex in exchange for 8,200 riels (a little more than $2).

Investigators arrested the suspect in his room after the victim had left after servicing the suspect.

In response to initial police questioning, the Canadian suspect confessed to what he had done to the boy (បានឆ្លើយទទួលស្គាល់នូវអ្វីដែលខ្លួនបានប្រព្រឹត្តទៅលើក្មេងប្រុសនោះ). Koy Heang (possibly the official) stated that the Canadian man might possibly face the charge of purchasing sex from a minor.

Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

Editors Note

Vadim Scott is not a common name, so one wonders how many Vadim Scotts there are in Canada. A quick google search for Vadim Scott + Canada throws up this, this and this.

Could Vadim Scott the Canadian musician, also be Vadim Scott the incarcerated Canadian sex tourist?

And according to his own facebook page, Vadim Scott is currently working as a teacher in Bangkok.

Update 06/01/14

The Phnom Penh Post provide more details of the incident here, including the fact that Vadim Scott was discovered in bed with the victim.

K440 spoke to a law enforcement officer in Battambang this morning who told us that Vadim Scott has been charged as Vadim Scott Benderman – the name in his passort, and was arrested at 00.10 on Sunday 5th January after a telephone complaint was received from the owner of the hotel where Benderman had booked a room with a fourteen-year-old boy.

He will be charged in court today and will then return to jail for pretrial detention

In Cambodia, suspects remanded in jail wait up to six months for their trial to begin.

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36 Responses to Well Known Canadian Musician Vadim Scott Arrested in Battambang

  1. Master Pong***a Sin****yan says:

    Teacher is handsome!

    • Boricua says:

      “Investigators arrested the suspect in his room after the victim had left after servicing the suspect”

      How thoughtful of the police to let him finish first.

  2. Bren says:

    Well known Canadian musician? Seems a bit over the top!

  3. jimi says:

    whoa. its vadim. he’s well known in seoul as a musician.

  4. gavinmac says:

    Maybe he changed his name for his entertainment career because Benderman sound too, uh, Ukrainian.

  5. I know him. That’s him. I have heard rumors of his past interest in young boys, but I did not believe them. People had alleged in Seoul that there were pictures of young boys on his computer there, but I just figured that that was someone who didn’t like him spreading vicious rumors about him.

    I guess it’s true then.

    It takes a lot to shock me, but I’m shocked at this development. I really am. In Seoul, at one point at least, he would have been considered a “well known musician.” Not so much anymore.

    He obviously needs help.

  6. Peter R says:

    I know this guy from living in Seoul & he was very active in the local music scene. He also made a few television appearances. Never knew he would be down with this but innocent until proven guilty I suppose….

  7. Sarah says:

    I saw his old band, Mirrorhouse a couple of times in Korea. I didn’t know him personally but I hope justice is served for the child he abused. Hope the Canadian, U.S., Korean, every government puts him on there lists if what he did was true. Human trafficking is a big deal. He needs to repent and get help from professionals.

  8. angsta says:

    “Never knew he would be down with this but innocent until proven guilty I suppose….”

    Caught in bed with a 14 year old Khmer child. That’s guilty. One is not in Kansas anymore…

  9. หรืเะน says:

    fuck… that my school…
    my friend work with him in an event in school which my friend and him singing together.
    my friend suspect he’s gay ’cause when they practicing he like to touch him.
    i though it was a joke..

  10. หรืเะน says:

    and i really admire him… he sing really good… was looking forward in talking with him about music

    such disappointment now i never look at him the same way

  11. Ray says:

    If found guilty I hope he gets plenty of time to reflect in a local prison .

  12. Tracey says:

    My main problem with this story is this quote: “When we opened the door, the boy ran out.” Did they speak to the boy?

    I know Vadim, but can’t claim to know him well enough to know whether he liked young boys. He always had beautiful girlfriends in Korea for the 5 years I knew him.

    All in all, I can’t convict him for what — being a former crime reporter in the U.S. — smells a bit fishy. Could it be true? Yes. Could it be corruption and extortion? Yes. We shall see in due course. If guilty, he fucked up royally. If innocent, Cambodia is not a place I will ever visit on my own.

  13. angsta says:


    Get in touch with John Power. He did some decent work when that dick travel agent robbed everyone a few years ago. He’s a decent guy.


    • Magnanimous says:

      I am taking the weekend to consult with other people here, to get their feelings and opinions before I decide what to do.

  14. J says:

    I also met Vadim back in ’05. He was a charismatic, talented performer and we were friends until I heard from a reliable source about his sexual predilections. Being a fairly high profile name here in Seoul, he’s brought a great deal of shame upon the foreign community. No doubt we’ll all pay the price of tougher immigration regulations.

  15. Magnanimous says:

    Not if we handle this in best way possible.

  16. Magnanimous says:

    Iggymogo, what are you- a braindead, sensationalist blogger? Of course I did something about this incident. I DID A F*CKIN LOT ABOUT THIS. I strongly suggest that before you assume sh*t and go reposting things that aren’t properly investigated, thereby adding to the sensationalism, you investigate the facts properly…Which, incidentally, is the reason why our legal system is ideally much more fairer than pre ious systems. We don’t convict people based on hearsay or circumstancial evidence. I am sure that Justice will be finally realized. After seven years.


    • John C. says:

      I believe you Magnanimous, I’m sure you did a lot but probably nobody heard you or believed you. It’s interesting not one blogger in the expat blogosphere wrote about him in the past 7 years. It sounds like everyone just wanted to keep hush-hush and sweep it under the rug. That must’ve drove you crazy. That’s a tough situation to be in Magnanimous, and that must’ve been a tough situation to be in for everyone that knew, especially for 7 years. But I’m glad you finally came out and said something.

      Magnanimous says:
      January 8, 2014 at 8:00 pm
      I knew him since 2005 when he was a solo act in Seoul. There were a lot of people who lived in the expat enclave, known as Haebangchon. An incident happened in 2007, when he molested two boys in the neighborhood after he took them to his apartment. He found them crying in front of a convenience store because they were afraid to go home and feel the wrath of their alcoholic drunk for a father. So he took them in, showed him his equipment and got them to come close while having them listen to his music. Then he fondled them. How do I know this? Because he confessed to me the next day after returning from the police station. As it turns out, the parents were terrified that their family’s name would be ruined. So they didn’t press any charges. The really horrifying outcome of that incident was that it empowered Vadim to think that he could get away with it again.

  17. sadstory says:

    Magnanimous the reason no believed you about this issue was because you talked sh*t and ran your mouth about everyone you met. You lied through your teeth about me personally. I know who you are. If you just could learn how not to talk sh*t this could have been avoided. This is a good example of the boy that cried wolf.

  18. Arthur Fannin says:

    If the boy had been a few months older and if no reward had changed hands, no offense would have been committed.

    As it is generally understood, it is impermissible to engage in bedroom hanky-panky with persons aged 15, 16 or 17 in Cambodia if – and only if – a reward of one kind or another changes hands.

  19. Magnanimous says:

    To Sadstory, I understand your frustration with the way this whole thing played out. But you probably understand that there was a very real threat in the community that not many people wanted to address. In fact, this is was sitution where doing nothing actually enabled a predator. How would you have felt if it was your child who suffered from this kind of deed, and nobody wanted to resolve the issue?

  20. Kevin Parker says:

    So… Any news on the court proceedings? Is anyone able to update us on what is happening to this idiot? What sentence recommendation he gets, the sentence…??? Anyone?

  21. Reagan says:

    I grew up with this man, we hung out since we were probably 16 yrs old. I’ve NEVER seen him exhibit any type of behavior like this. I honestly don’t believe this. Vadim….if you’re reading this you’ve got the support of at least one American here in MA! Rock on brother!!!

  22. xxxxxx says:

    supposedly he just got arrested in hanoi

    there is quite a bit of evidence it seems

  23. scobienz says:

    It’s confirmed that he has been arrested again in Hanoi. See the Vadim Scott thread in the forum for more information.

  24. Mai T says:

    He was arrested in Vietnam yesterday for the same charges. Wish we could have known of his bad records before letting him in and abuse our children! Sad. This guy should go to rehab asap!

  25. ileavazani says:

    In Vietnam they should cut off his khazarian dick and put him in jail with rapists for good.

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