British national, Oliver Banks, and unidentified foreigner dead from ‘intoxication’

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Two days, two separate incidents of foreign men dying from excessive drinking in Phnom Penh. Late last night a 32 year old British male died after being taken to Calmette Hospital. According to police reports, Oliver Gordon Banks was staying at a guesthouse on Street 136 when he was refused admission into Pontoon nightclub for being too drunk. According to reports, Mr Banks then tried to sleep in a tuk tuk, but security guards in the area saw his condition and told the tuk tuk driver to take him to hospital.

In another incident yesterday, an unidentified foreign man around 50 was found dead at around 5.30am Sunday morning outside KFC restaurant at the corner of Street 51 and Street 310 in BKK1. Police reports say that his body smelled heavily of alcohol and people in the area report that the man in question was seen regularly in that area drinking beer at that time of day and looking intoxicated.

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2 Responses to British national, Oliver Banks, and unidentified foreigner dead from ‘intoxication’

  1. Uncle Monty's Ghost says:

    The Angel of Death is on the prowl. Beware, ye inebriates and topers!

  2. Skins says:

    There’s a KFC in Phnom Penh? That’s what surprised me most about this story.

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