Where are they now? Psychologist Dr Ken ‘Carrington’ Wilcox

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Longtime readers of Khmer440 will surely remember the name Kenneth Drew Wilcox. Wilcox is a psychologist who had a private practice in Phnom Penh from about 2005 through 2010.

Dr. Wilcox’ online resume says that he started his private practice in Cambodia in March 2004, but that claim is absolutely untrue. In 2004, he was still living in the U.S, and he was having a rather bad time.

He started the year off with a bang, getting arrested for drunk driving in Broward County, Florida, during the early morning hours of January 1, 2004. He was also charged with “obstruction without violence” during this arrest, because he falsely told police that his name was “Russell McKinnon Wilcox.” That’s his older brother.

About two months later, Wilcox was charged with grand theft in Broward County Florida, based on a complaint from his ex-landlord. The landlord claimed that he asked Wilcox to leave his furnished apartment, under threat of eviction, for non-payment of rent. When Wilcox moved out, $3,200 worth of furniture was missing from the apartment.

That wasn’t the first time Wilcox had been charged with theft. In May 2004, Wilcox pled guilty to larceny for stealing a leather jacket from a Neiman Marcus store in Virginia back in 2003.

August 2004 saw Wilcox get arrested again in Broward County for drunk driving and eluding police, in the now infamous “piss stained pants” incident.

Wilcox was later picked up for a probation violation on November 1, 2004. He was released from the Broward County jail on December 7, 2004 and apparently fled to Cambodia sometime after that, while the felony theft and eluding charges against him were still pending. A felony warrant for his arrest was issued by a Broward County judge on February 22, 2005.


Dr. Wilcox set up a psychology practice in Phnom Penh in 2005 under the name “Wilcox Associates.” Wilcox’ psychology practice include counseling services relating to substance abuse, child protection, and domestic violence. He and his 21 year-old Cambodia boyfriend, Tek “Weslee” Lim, later opened “Thor Health Services” in 2009.

Dr. Wilcox became well known in expat social circles, and he even had a regular radio show on 97.5 Love FM. He reportedly claimed that he was an heir to the Gillette razor fortune.

The wheels came off Dr. Wilcox’ expat experience in October 2010, when it was reported on Khmer440 and later in the Cambodia Daily that he was wanted by the FBI on a federal charge of international flight from his Florida felony arrest warrants.

Around this time, a Khmer440 poster observed that Weslee had once posted on Facebook that Wilcox physically abused him by by tasing him in the neck multiple times. Weslee’s Facebook post was later deleted. Weslee, the co-owner of THOR Health Services, defended Wilcox in the local press, saying that the rumors about Wilcox’ past were untrue.

Dr. Wilcox was arrested in Cambodia in November 2010 and transported back to the U.S. to face the charges against him. He spent a few months in jail and was released in early 2011.


Khmer440 hasn’t checked up on the good doctor Wilcox since he was released from jail about five years ago. We figured that this would be a good time to update what he and Weslee have been up to. Apparently, Weslee managed to join Wilcox in Florida, and the two married in Washington D.C. and had a very gay wedding reception at the Trump Miami Resort on April 20, 2013.

Notably, Wilcox’s personal blog spins the story of his departure from Cambodia quite differently from what we all remember. In a June 2013 blog post, Wilcox wrote, “our situation became too dangerous as our work placed us at odds with powerful leaders who did not wish to be exposed for their corruption and abuses. As the situation became unmanageable, I was forced to leave the country out of fear for my safety, leaving Wes behind in the protection of his family.”

Wilcox’s blog makes no mention that he was wanted by the FBI and arrested and deported from Cambodia to face charges in Florida for, among other things, stealing his landlord’s furniture. No, the way he tells it, he was forced to leave Cambodia because he was on an ass-kicking crusade exposing corruption and abuse by powerful leaders.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dr. Wilcox has resumed practicing as a psychologist in the Miami area. He claims that his practice focuses on counseling for substance abuse and relationship issues. However, the Florida Board of Psychology website has a “lookup” page where members of the public can verify if someone who claims to be a psychologist actually holds a license to practice psychology in Florida. Kenneth Wilcox is not listed as a licensed psychologist in this online database. It is a crime under Florida law to hold yourself out as a psychologist if you don’t hold such a license.

Wilcox is very active in gay and LGBT causes in the Miami area and is involved with various community organizations. He and Weslee both serve on the board of advisors to the “Unity Coalition” and advocacy group for gay and LGBT Hispanics.

Bizarrely, Wilcox is identified on the Unity Coalition website as “Dr. Ken Carrington-Wilcox.” He also has a Facebook page under the name “Kenneth Carrington Wilcox,” and he blogs under the name “Dr. Ken Carrington.” But who is Carrington? Wilcox’ middle name is Drew. Has Dr. Wilcox, who reportedly claimed to be an heir to the Gillette fortune, simply adopted the last name of the oil-rich family from the long-running American TV series, Dynasty?

What is more troubling is that at about 11 p.m. on August 23, 2015, Wilcox was arrested by Miami-Dade police for allegedly attacking his husband of two and half years, Tek “Weslee” Lim. According to the police report, Weslee (identified in the police report as “Tek”) claimed that Wilcox was drinking and became jealous and tore Weslee’s shirt and scratched the left side of chest. Weslee reported that Wilcox also threw him onto the bed and tried to choke him.

Wilcox was charged with misdemeanor battery. He spent about 24 hours in jail, then he posted bail and was released. As a condition of his release he was ordered to have “no contact” with Weslee. That order was lifted nine days later. The case against Wilcox was subsequently dropped at the end of September. It is unknown if Weslee, like many vulnerable domestic violence victims, refused to cooperate with the prosecution.

Judging from recent social media photos, Wilcox and Weslee remain a couple. It also appears that, despite Wilcox’s long and continuing record of alcohol related arrests, and his recent arrest for trying to choke his husband, he continues to offering counseling services in the Miami area regarding matters relating to substance abuse and domestic violence.

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14 Responses to Where are they now? Psychologist Dr Ken ‘Carrington’ Wilcox

  1. Tom says:

    What a stupid article. The right to privacy is a human right. Maybe someone can investigate what Mr. Gavin Mac did all wrong in his poor life.

    • prahocalypse now says:

      Maybe you should investigate him.

      The name Gavin Mac is an anagram of McVagina,so he is probably an Irish c#%t. If you’re in Phnom Penh, try going into all the Irish bars,such as the Irish Place on St.110 and Rory’s Pub on St.178. Tell everyone that you’re looking for an Irish c#@t.

  2. gavinmac says:

    Right to privacy? Dr. Wilcox has a blog. He blogs on the internet about powerful leaders forcing him and his husband to leave Cambodia out of fear for their safety because he was exposing corruption and abuses. That’s totally untrue. He’s trying to deceive people and portray himself as a hero.

    It’s quite reasonable for me or anyone else to respond online that the real reason Wilcox left Cambodia is that he was hunted down by the FBI and arrested and extradited for felony crimes committed in America.

    Arrests and criminal prosecutions are not private in civilized societies. They are public acts, the court proceedings are open to the public, the records are public. This transparency fosters public confidence in the proceedings and allows members of the public to monitor the fairness and effectiveness of those proceedings.

    Dr. Wilcox holds himself out as an expert on domestic violence and substance abuse, he advises people who are in abusive relationships or suffer from addicition, he seeks out media coverage in Miami, and he had a radio show in Cambodia under the name “DJ Shrink.” There is nothing private about his arrest for allegedly choking his husband in a jealous rage after he had been drinking, or about his multiple arrests or convictions for drunk driving and theft.

  3. Kanucklehead says:

    He is addressed with the honourific : Dr. but seems not to deserve it. I wonder if he is actually a Dr.anywhere. Real M.D.’s don’t regard psychologists as legit doctors but they can write prescriptions.

    • James Bong says:

      Psychologists can’t write prescritions, they’re not doctors. Psychiatrists can, they’re MDs with a specialization in psychology.

      • caleb says:

        Just a slight correction: psychologists are specialists in human behaviour (‘psych’, mind + ‘logos’, study), and – as stated – cannot prescribe drugs. Indeed, psychiatrists can prescribe as medical officers (‘psych’, mind + ‘iatro’, doctor), but do not specialise in human behaviour but mental disease. Psychologists have a restricted range of diagnoses (or forensic observations); psychiatrists do not.

  4. M. Edwards says:

    This article is a slanderous defamation of character and should be taken down. There are real bad guys out there to report on. Dr. Wilcox is not one of them. He is loved and respected by so many in the South Florida community. Dr. Wilcox is a philanthropist and activist who makes the world a better place. Those who really know this man could care less about thie details of his personal life, half of which are fabricated by the author, who clearly has an agenda.. Dr. Wilcox is a man of substance and character. Maybe the author should write for a celebrity gossip magazine. This is not news; it is very distasteful. Please leave the man alone.

    • wpadmin says:

      I don’t think you understand what slander means. It’s not slanderous when it reports facts. If you are so convinced that it is slanderous, please feel free to issue legal proceedings and see how far that gets you.

  5. Victor says:

    It only gets worse from there… have you any updates?

  6. Herb says:

    He’s getting divorced from Wes Lim now. Wes has been sharing these old blog posts on Facebook, much to the good doctor’s chagrin. He’s responded with some rather vulgar sexual slurs against Lim, which is just the mature response one might expect from this particular “psychologist”.

  7. Viktor says:

    He also told all of his friends that he had bone cancer and was dying. He told his husband Wes the same. He would tell friends that Obamacare wouldn’t allow him to get treatment or see his doctors. Turns out he had advanced stages of HIV, but he wasn’t taking his medicines so he became very emaciated and sick. People really cared a lot for this man and were heartbroken to find out the truth…

  8. June says:

    Ken is a creep. He is back in the news in Miami. Just google him again… Despicable.

  9. gavinmac says:

    It seems that Wilcox he is now going by the name “Drew Carrington,” at least on Facebook.

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