American Shawn Daniel Sanchez Slits Woman’s Throat near Kep Crab Market

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Around breakfast time on Wednesday, 28 Feb, police in Kep were actively searching for a foreign suspect in the gruesome murder of a Cambodian masseuse the night before at the crab market.

At around 8 PM on 27 Feb, American Shawn Daniel Sanchez entered Lyda Massage Khmer for a second time in as many days, requesting a massage from the same woman as before.  Things took a drastic turn in the room, with Sanchez now being accused of the murder and attempted rape of the woman.

Sanchez had been staying at Kep Bay in Kep, and The Columns in Kampot. He was apprehended in Kampot Wednesday morning at around 10 AM, 14 hours after the murder took place.

The victim, Luch Kean, 27, leaves behind a husband and an eight-month-old daughter.

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4 Responses to American Shawn Daniel Sanchez Slits Woman’s Throat near Kep Crab Market


    Was it a happy ending massage gone bad?

  2. Simon Sykes says:

    Dude seems to have compulsively scratched himself the way some opiate abusers do.

    • Logen says:

      Defensive wounds from someone right handed who was shorter than him is a better explanation of his injuries surely?
      Even without the story attached it’s what I would think if I saw a photo like that.
      But then again I’m a suspicious person and I work in the Security Sector.

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