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So You Wanna Buy a Budget Car in Phnom Penh?

angkor car

Phnom Penh is one of the most twisted car markets in the world. At first glance it is expensive (for what you get), unreliable, decentralized and full of vehicles that have no means of being properly serviced. The good news…

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Comedy Cambodia at Pontoon: March Review


It’s all too easy to blame outside influences when things are not quite going to plan, even though those outside influences may actually be to blame. Sometimes, outside influences can be so glaringly apparent that they can’t be ignored. What…

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French Teacher Arrested for Blackmailing with Nude Photos

sleazy frog

Phnom Penh – Police from the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department of Phnom Penh have arrested a French English teacher for distributing obscene photos and uttering threats. The teacher has been identified as a 33 year old Frenchman named…

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Cars and the Automotive Sector in Cambodia


If you’ve been riding or driving to work recently, you’ve probably thought to yourself that the traffic in Phnom Penh just keeps getting worse. You would be correct in this assumption. Every time that ostentatious SUV driven by a Mao-suited…

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InterNed in Cambodia: The World, Developing


I hit the street with an uncertain stride, endeavoring earnestly to be both confident and casual, as if I wasn’t the same sad wreck of a man who’d been so boldly abused aboard an airliner that day. I believe I’d…

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Cycling to the Rural Villages of Outlying Phnom Penh


I have a long-standing love affair with the following: my wife, my daughters, my extended family, food, travel, laughter – and my bike. Back in the US, my Litespeed Siena road bike (titanium, with carbon-fiber cranks and a nifty Shimano…

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Happy Hour at the ESL Bar and Grill: Amusing the Students to Death


One of the things I like to do during the first week of a new course is have the students write a letter to me. I say to them that you are not just students, you are people; and as…

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Jewish High Holidays in Cambodia 2012


Join us for High Holiday services at the Chabad Jewish Center in our comfortable location, where the prayers are warm, the people are friendly, and everyone feels at home. OUR STYLE Our services are open to all Jews, regardless of…

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InterNed in Cambodia: Part 1 ‘Sudden Departures’


Prior to February of this year, it had never, ever, not even remotely ever, even slightly, never – at all – occurred to me, at any point over the course of my entire life, from birth up until some fateful…

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Bajaj Tuk Tuks: Cambodia’s Latest Dose of Indianisation


Phnom Penh – In Cambodia two types of three wheeled motos ម៉ូតូកង់បី currently ply their trade: there is the Thai style three wheeled moto, known as the “tuk tuk” (unibody), and there is the Khmer style three wheeled moto, known…

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