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Drop the Dead Dolphin


A group of local fisherman, several district community members and a representative of the national tourism authority have all been implicated in perhaps the largest scam perpetuated in SE-Asia. Kratie, a small town in Cambodia, has long been famous for…

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A Month with the Monks


Below are the ramblings of an experience in a Thai monastery. I got nothing of what I expected, and expected nothing of what I got. My time was filled with constant physical pain and suffering, emotional torment, mental anguish, hunger,…

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Expat Entertainment: “Pol Pot” and the Pool Table


From the first moment we walked into the house we dreamed of having a pool table. The balcony of the house was huge. It faced north, so it was in the shade all day long. That, along with the cool,…

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Expat Entertainment: The Poop Dollar


It was early Friday night, and we had exhausted all possibilities of entertaining ourselves in Phnom Penh that night. We’d been living together, the four of us, for almost a year, and there wasn’t much we hadn’t done. As we…

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