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Is Trude Jacobsen a sell out who would take money from a serial rapist of Cambodian children to help him go free?


Trude Jacobsen is a Professor at Northern Illinois University who claims to be an expert on Cambodian history and gender studies and sex trafficking and whatnot. Jacobsen teaches classes in women’s studies and portrays herself as an advocate for vulnerable…

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Update: Would the U.S. State Department cover up a bar fight involving an embassy staffer at Golden Sorya Mall?


Last year K440 published an article bitching and moaning about the U.S. State Department’s stonewalling response to aFreedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request for documents about a bar fight involving an embassy staffer outside Golden Sorya Mall. Here is the update. Continue reading

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Is Imprisoned Sex Offender Jason Baumbach Engaged to Marry his Cambodian Child Sex Victim?


Monday’s edition of the Phnom Penh Post included an article about Sebastian Reuiji, a Dutch convicted pedophile who was recently released from police custody in Siem Reap province. Apparently, Reuji will not be deported from Cambodia, because Cambodian authorities often…

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“Missing” Aussie expat from Thailand found in Cambodia; he claims amnesia


Nathan Hansford, an Australian businessman working in Thailand who reportedly “disappeared” several months ago, has been found in Cambodia, according to a statement from his family. The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that Hansford went missing from his Thai…

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7 Ways Cambodia Can Solve its Foreign Dude Problem

two western drug dealers in Cambodia2

Oh crap, it happened again. Just yesterday, Cambodian police announced that they are searching for a 48 year-old British man in connection with the presumed murder of a Cambodian woman. Apparently, the suspect fled his hotel in quite a haste…

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On the Proper Etiquette when Seeing an Ex-Bargirl with Her New Husband


It’s a low-key Thursday night in Phnom Penh. The early evening rains have subsided, and you are meeting a friend for dinner at a respectable Western restaurant. As you walk in to the restaurant, you see a couple quietly eating…

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7 Reasons Why You Really Shouldn’t Move to Cambodia


Lately, there have been a lot of Westerners moving to Cambodia or making plans to move to Cambodia. This is partly due to the difficult job market in many Western countries, and it’s partly due to Cambodia becoming a more…

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There’s Something Stale in this Month’s Bayon Pearnik


So I grabbed a copy of the April 2013 Bayon Pearnik while departing one of my favorite lunch spots today. As I was flipping through the magazine’s highlights (the hostess bar ads), I ran across an article on page 28…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook


It’s been five months since I wrote “7 Reasons Why You Should Friend Cambodian Women on Facebook.” During that time, I followed my own advice and became Facebook friends with a bunch of Cambodian women. This has been an absolute…

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7 Reasons Why You Should “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook


So you’ve met a nice Cambodian chick. Maybe you met her at a pagoda. Maybe you met her in the toilet at Martini’s. I don’t judge. You’ve spent a bit of time with her, you like her, and now you…

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