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An Open Letter to the Phnom Penh Post About a Lesbian Love Triangle


Dear Phnom Penh Post Let me begin by congratulating you on your recent transition to daily publication. I hope you put nutty old Bernie Krisher out of business in no time. You have always been my favorite English language newspaper…

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On the Dilution of Hostess Bar Talent


Back in the mid 1990’s, major league baseball expanded too quickly from 26 to 30 teams. Each team has about 10 pitchers on the roster. So the effect of the expansion was that there were suddenly forty dudes with jobs…

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German Perverts in Phnom Penh, Suicidal Death Leaps and Abraham Lincoln


Cambodian police arrested a German national in Phnom Penh Sunday for allegedly sexually abusing and filming underage girls, local media reported Monday. Karl Heinz Henning, 61, was arrested close to his rented apartment on Street 278 after sustaining injuries from…

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Gavinmac’s Guide to Playing ‘Connect Four’ with Khmer Bargirls


I still remember the night that I found my true passion in a Phnom Penh bar of questionable repute. It was my second trip to Cambodia, and I heard about a new “hostess bar” that had recently opened in town….

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Poll: Have or Would you Let Your Baby Ride Around Phnom Penh on a Moto?


A few months back, Britney Spears got a visit from child protection authorities in California for driving her car a few blocks with her baby seated in her lap instead of in a fortress-like car seat. I thought about that…

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Poll: Have You Ever Lied About Living in or Visiting Cambodia?


I still remember my mother’s response the first time I told her I was visiting Cambodia about four years ago. She paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Isn’t that where they go to have sex with little boys?”…

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Poll: Do Khmer women have bigger ears than Western women?

jug ear

Do Khmer women have bigger ears than Western women?Yes, I know a few Khmer girls who vaguely resemble Dumbo the elephant or Wayne RooneyNo, their ears aren?t any bigger, but they do protrude more from the sides of their headsI…

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Marathon (half) Man……


Acclaimed 440 e-mail hoaxer Gavin Mac fancies running the Ankor Half Marathon. But first he needs to straighten out a few details…… [email protected] Dear Marathon Director- from “Gavin Mac” I am very excited about entering the 2005 Angkor Wat International…

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Dear British Embassy in Cambodia……


Given the current political climate, Cambodia’s foremost email hoaxer had some concerns about speaking out. He ran his problem past the UK embassy….. Wed, 26 Oct 2005 04:03:41 +0100 (BST) From: “gavin mac” Subject: Legal Question To: [email protected] Dear Embassy:…

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Dear Raffles Hotel Le Royal


Cambodia”s number one email hoaxer is considering a stay at Le Royal Hotel. He has some very particular requirements. From: “gavin mac” Subject: Reservation To: [email protected] Dear Raffles Hotel Le Royal I am interested in reserving a room at your…

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