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Phnom Penh Dining Reviews: Langreach Sros 54

clams with tamarind sauce

When your out of town guests come looking for an authentic Khmer dining experience there are plenty of options. There’s the small-food-big-plate option of Malis, the charity nod of Friends, or for substantially greater authenticity there’s some very good food…

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Phnom Penh Dining Reviews: Quitapenas


It’s hard not to have high expectations when a new restaurant is the #1 rated venue on Trip Advisor, even understanding how much of a racket Trip Advisor can be. And taking a first look at the menu at Quitapenas…

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Falafel Murders and other Tales: ‘Petra’ and ‘Turkish Delight’

Turkish Delight Phnom Penh

Jeff Mudrick reviews Phnom Penh’s two newest middle-eastern eateries. Random Prologue Little Armenia, where I resided before coming to Cambodia overlaps Thai Town in the east Hollywood district of Los Angeles. It can be a dangerous place, more particularly a…

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Phnom Penh Dining Reviews: Alma Cafe


I can be loyal to the point of absurdity when it comes to businesses that do right by me; whose combination of quality and service is such that I’m willing to put up with enormous inconvenience to continue to enjoy…

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Cambodia: The Chomsky Problem


Here in Cambodia, Noam Chomsky is without a doubt the guy everybody loves to hate. In expat circles, most have never read either his books, articles or reviews, but they certainly know of him as an apologist for the Khmer…

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Khmer 440 Reviews USA Donut

USA donut1

If you’ve ever enjoyed a serving of American Buffalo Wings, I can tell you where the wings sauce base came from – the curiously named USA Donut. For many years this small shop, run by a Khmer-American and now located…

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K440 Reviews ‘Mike’s Burger House’

mikes burger 1

K440 dispatched Jeff Mudrick, creator of Phnom Penh’s best known gourmet burger, to ‘Mike’s’ to review Phnom Penh’s best known generic burger. Dedication The conversation with the editor of this fine journal went something like this: K440: “You know hamburgers….

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Counterpunch: A Journalistic Horror Show?


Counterpunch, the left web journal founded by the late Alexander Cockburn and edited now by Jeffrey St. Clair, is on a roll when it comes to coverage of Cambodia. Following the positively ludicrous article written by Israel Shamir some months…

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Historical Revisionism and the Contrarian Left: Counterpunch and the Case of Cambodia


“The noble title of dissident must be earned rather than claimed.” “Exceptional claims demand exceptional evidence” – Christopher Hitchens Alexander Cockburn and Christopher Hitchens are gone. Contrarianism is alive, but whether it is well is an entirely different matter. The…

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Phnom Penh Restaurant Reviews: Magnolia


For the best of seven years, I had the extreme pleasure of eating extraordinary Vietnamese food most everyday, prepared by a cook (who happened to be my wife) whose knowledge of her homeland’s gastronomy was encyclopedic and her culinary skills…

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