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My Cambodian Life and other Animals

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I’m on course for a future Nobel prize and gazillion dollars award – I’ve found the secret to rid world of the scourge of malaria and dengue fever: a little one-centimetre long fish called dtrei bpram bpii poan (fish seven…

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Hangin’ with the Khmer Sopranos


As I build up my knowledge of Cambodian politics and society, much of my information comes from not easily accessible sources. Thus it was that my wife and I were invited to a family function to wet a baby’s head….

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The Youth Of Today


Life here in Phnom Penh (not my life) frequently emulates a Hollywood movie, such as the incident outside my regular pub-quiz venue a couple of months ago. At six pm, during the rush-hour there was a car chase up the…

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To The Devil A Daughter (part 3 – the conclusion)


You quickly spot the expat who just can’t adjust to a different way of living – he’s the one going around planning stuff; always trying to make sure things go right. I remember a teacher in my infant school drumming…

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To the Devil a Daughter (part 2)


Can you imagine an alien beaming down and inviting you to travel in his spaceship to his planet? Only if you really can do that, can you begin to empathise with the poor silent lamb. Being taken by a foreigner…

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To The Devil A Daughter (part 1)

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This week I rather unexpectedly became a father. One Saturday I visited a bookshop in Phnom Penh. I didn’t have a clear idea whether or not I wanted to buy a book; I was still working my way through Oliver…

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A Cambodian History Lesson


You may well have noticed, since it’s been widely reported in the global media, that some interesting conclusions have been drawn from research into the downfall of the Cambodian empire centred on Angkor Wat. For those of you who missed…

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Putting Down Roots


Married life is proving very interesting. Already, my wife has a job with a new business set up by my Singaporean friends, and we’ve moved into a new apartment. As I’d hoped, but dare not expect, by introducing her to…

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Four Cambodian Weddings and My Funeral – part 2


I was up at 4.30 the next morning, three hours after my poor wife. After the Chinese ceremonies, sometime after nine I was able to consume a small bowl of rice porridge. My wife had no time for a mouthful…

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Four Cambodian Weddings and My Funeral – Part 1


My advice to you is this: if you decide to get married in Cambodia, first undertake an intense six-month regime involving military training for stamina, monkhood to learn superhuman patience, and a crammer for fluent Khmer. Even then, make sure…

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