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Kampot Deluge

kampot flood

On my previous visit to Kampot it was bone dry, not having rained more than a trace in nearly three weeks. Many of the plants at the land were really hurting, mostly because on the day I left on my…

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Stan Kahn’s New Postcard from Kampot (Kampot = Disco City)


In the time since my last post, not one, but two discos opened in the sleepy town. One closed for a short time but has reopened. Those of you familiar with Kampot know that the streets, with rare exceptions, are…

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A Postcard from Kamchey Dam


Kamchey Dam, being built by a Chinese company upriver from Kampot on the edge of Bokor Park, is proceeding apace along with the destruction of most of the road to Teuk Chou rapids and sizable chunks of National Highway 3….

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Christmas in Kampot


Every time I arrive in Kampot after my week of drinking, debauchery (not really, but you know what I mean) and intensely disliking the noise, traffic and crowded feeling of Phnom Penh, I breathe a tremendous sigh of relief. What…

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Kampot Chronicles 9


Just after I wrote the last episode about how rainy it is there, it turned dry, raining only once in a week. It still feels wetter than Phnom Penh, but, at the end of the season, there’s a possibility of…

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Postcard from Rainy Kampot


I returned from the states a while back in the thick of rainy season. Whereas in Phnom Penh the rain usually comes, often in great torrents, and moves on not long after, in Kampot, not far from the sea, it…

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Wild Wild Kampot


My rental house in Kampot is on the edge of the city; in the transition zone where lots of development is happening but also where half the land nearby is ponds and wetlands. The city is so small, population about…

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Kampot Update


Kampot, as you may remember, is where I recently purchased a small piece of Cambodia and everything went smoothly at first, but then three different factors have led to me put my house building plans on hold. For one thing,…

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Kampot Chronicles 5 – House Plans


The house I had planned to build was based largely on the configuration of my apartment in Phnom Penh. Those of you who are familiar with architecture here know how top floor apartments generally are smaller than the lower floors,…

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Kampot Chronicles 4 – Building Plans on Hold


Several factors have contributed to my hesitation to begin construction. The first is the uncertainty, however minor, over ownership of the property. Though the odds of anything untoward happening in this regards are very remote – in fact, the person…

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