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Festival PhotoPhnomPenh


The Institut Français of Cambodia is organizing the fourth edition of the Festival PhotoPhnomPenh from 26 November to 2 December 2011. 8 Cambodian and 16 international photographers (France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Estonia, India, China, Korea) will present…

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Health Tips for Cambodia

Nota Bene: the follow is included in this section is for information only and is not intended for diagnostic purposes, if you feel unwell you should consult a qualified medical practitioner immediately. Acclimatisation Adapting to a warmer climate can take…

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Like any good Southeast Asian capital, Phnom Penh offers superb dining, racy nightlife, and plenty of attractions for the visitor – including the Royal Palace, National Museum, Toul Sleng, and a host of ancient temples and picturesque natural spots easily…

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Kampot, Cambodia

I. Introduction Kampots not the place to go for exciting nightlife, but what it does offer is a break from it all in a setting of romantic colonial history and intense natural beauty. While most travellers come for the ruined…

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Kep, Cambodia

I. Introduction For many people, Kep is just another daytrip from Kampot, a sister city the haunted Bokor Mountain residences, a sea level equivalent with the same burned out colonial ruins. Many guidebooks even list Kep as a subsection of…

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Battambang, Cambodia

Introduction Named after the vast, colourful and distinctive statue that squats imposingly at the Highway 5 roundabout (on the way to and from Phnom Penh) Battambang is Cambodia’s second city and the new kid on the tourist and traveller’s block….

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Bambi and Chips in Battambang


You’d hardly notice it, tucked away down a central but quiet and slightly gritty side road near the train station, Jip Sreng was the world’s gloomiest aircraft hanger – a vast bleak ballroom of a place more or less empty…

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Competition Time – Name the Nineteen Phnom Penh Bars. 1-10.

past her prime

Let me lead you, dear reader, gently by the hand into the Phnom Penh bar scene – for here we have 19 photos showing the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright weird.Carefully gleaned from the public domain by…

Art Not Propaganda


The latest visit to Cambodia by renowned photographer Tim Page prompted a discussion on our forum which did an effective job of noting just how difficult it is to make a living these days from photography. As if to adequately…

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Life Magazine; Rare Retro Cambodia Photos from the 1950s and 1960s


All these photos are from the amazing Life magazine archive. You find more here Hat Tip

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