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Review: The Bug Cafe Siem Reap

two eating

Naomi Collett Ritz tries out a unique new restaurant in Siem Reap, based on Cambodia’s love of insects. The Bug Cafe features a menu of tarantula-stuffed donuts, ant-filled muffins and – her favourite – scorpions. Continue reading

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Taking 12 Steps in Cambodia


Dave H visits an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Phnom Penh and considers the treatment options for both expat and Khmer alcoholics in a drinker’s playground. Continue reading

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Festival PhotoPhnomPenh


The Institut Français of Cambodia is organizing the fourth edition of the Festival PhotoPhnomPenh from 26 November to 2 December 2011. 8 Cambodian and 16 international photographers (France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Estonia, India, China, Korea) will present…

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Health Tips for Cambodia

Nota Bene: the follow is included in this section is for information only and is not intended for diagnostic purposes, if you feel unwell you should consult a qualified medical practitioner immediately. Acclimatisation Adapting to a warmer climate can take…

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Like any good Southeast Asian capital, Phnom Penh offers superb dining, racy nightlife, and plenty of attractions for the visitor – including the Royal Palace, National Museum, Toul Sleng, and a host of ancient temples and picturesque natural spots easily…

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Kampot, Cambodia

I. Introduction Kampots not the place to go for exciting nightlife, but what it does offer is a break from it all in a setting of romantic colonial history and intense natural beauty. While most travellers come for the ruined…

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Kep, Cambodia

I. Introduction For many people, Kep is just another daytrip from Kampot, a sister city the haunted Bokor Mountain residences, a sea level equivalent with the same burned out colonial ruins. Many guidebooks even list Kep as a subsection of…

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Battambang, Cambodia

Introduction Named after the vast, colourful and distinctive statue that squats imposingly at the Highway 5 roundabout (on the way to and from Phnom Penh) Battambang is Cambodia’s second city and the new kid on the tourist and traveller’s block….

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Bambi and Chips in Battambang


You’d hardly notice it, tucked away down a central but quiet and slightly gritty side road near the train station, Jip Sreng was the world’s gloomiest aircraft hanger – a vast bleak ballroom of a place more or less empty…

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Competition Time – Name the Nineteen Phnom Penh Bars. 1-10.

past her prime

Let me lead you, dear reader, gently by the hand into the Phnom Penh bar scene – for here we have 19 photos showing the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright weird.Carefully gleaned from the public domain by…