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The curse of jetlag

riverside jetlag

Bertolt Bieber arrives in Phnom Penh and is hit by that curse of intercontinental travellers, jetlag. Here is his account of experiencing jetlag in his first couple of days in town. Continue reading

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Taking 12 Steps in Cambodia


Dave H visits an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Phnom Penh and considers the treatment options for both expat and Khmer alcoholics in a drinker’s playground. Continue reading

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Healing Hands in the Cambodian Jungle


Sai Ya will never walk again. The 26-year-old’s spinal cord was permanently damaged when she was pulled from the wreckage of a car last August and she now lies, paralysed from the waist down, at the Graphis Health Centre, with…

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Results for the 2nd ABBA Bodybuilding Competition


On Saturday, July 21st 2012 at the Angkor Century Hotel a very highly anticipated bodybuilding competition took place at Angkor Century Hotel marking a major milestone for Angkor Body Building Associationthis year. Attended by some 500 Cambodians and expats in…

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Memoirs of a Grizzled Expat 8: The Dilemma of Helping Vulnerable Street Kids


Last time I began to discuss my intention to provide an education to the deserving Riverside street-children selling books and flowers to tourists. Despite my background in establishing schools for streetkids in India and Nepal, I found Cambodia to throw…

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2nd ABBA Bodybuilding Competition Sizzles this Summer Again in Siem Reap.


Saturday, July 21st 2012 will sizzle this summer in Siem Reap when the one day bodybuilding competition gets underway at Angkor Century Hotel which is marking a major milestone for 2nd ABBA competition this year. Competitors will be judged on…

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In for a penny…


Tales of woe and need. They’re almost as common as poverty in Cambodia. Every expat hears them, often with a request for assistance (i.e. money.) To help or not to help is the question. And if ‘to help’ is the…

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Cambodia Film Reviews: The Girls of Phnom Penh

girls of pp

This documentary follows the lives of Srey Leak, Cheata and Mey Nea, three young sex-workers in the capital. Working in a huge up-market karaoke parlor by night or streetwalking, and living in a decrepit room in a slum the rest…

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Walkabout Joker Draw (and Infective Endocarditis) Odds for Friday, March 30, 2012


The Walkabout Joker Draw is now in Week 45. Friday night’s jackpot will be a rather substantial $10,638. The $638 increase in the jackpot means that the Walkabout sold 1,276 tickets last week, the same number of tickets that it…

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Top 10 Reasons to Drink in Cambodia

drunk martin1

I am not saying you cannot have fun without having a drink. Children do not drink and they tend to have fun. I am not even saying that not drinking is childish (although I do believe this – however being…

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