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Cambodia’s Big Role To Play In The South China Sea Conflict

south china sea dispute

The last time a Chinese Head of State visited Cambodia was 12 years ago, so the timing of President Hu Jintao’s visit just four days before Cambodia chairs a major regional summit may be a coincidence. But no doubt his…

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The Factory Shooting Farce & Why Cambodia Needs An Aung San Suu Kyi

alex bavet

I read an interesting interview at the weekend with a Khmer academic living in America who warns that Cambodia desperately needs an Aung San Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela figure to protect the rights of its down-trodden people. The country…

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When Will Angkor Wat Be Sold To China?


I was quite surprised by the fuss this week over the announcement that a full-scale replica of the world-famous temple of Angkor Wat is to built thousands of miles away on the banks of the Ganges in India. The trust…

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Spit-Roast Cows Banned For ‘Inciting Violence’

barbecued cow (Dom)

One of the strangest stories of the week must surely be the government ban on spit-roasting cows in public. Apparently, pen-pushers in Phnom Penh think the sight of calf carcasses being slowly barbecued and then chopped up in full view…

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The Poor Are Losing Their Homes, But It’s OK, An Elephant Has Been Saved


Call me heartless, but I must admit I greeted the news this week that Cambodia’s most famous elephant had finally been retired not just with sympathy but with a huge amount of disbelief. It’s easy to become hard in a…

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Cambodia Photo of the Day


Get the backstory here. And a big hat tip to LTO for the image.

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Poll: Should Cambodia Criminalize Adultery?


On Friday, Cambodia’s National Assembly approved a bill which would criminalize adultery. If passed in the Senate and signed by the King, the new law would impose a penalty of up to a year in prison and a fine of…

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Violence in Cambodia: 0-60 in 5 seconds


The Details are Sketchy blog carried an article a couple of days ago commentating on the murder, at his home, of British bar owner David Mitchell. Mitchell’s girlfriend, Jane Nye, who nearly died herself in the attack, has expressed uncertainty…

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Ta Mok: Khmer Rouge “butcher” dies at 80


From the BBC’s website “Ta Mok, one of the main leaders of Cambodia”s brutal Khmer Rouge regime, has died in the capital Phnom Penh. Nicknamed “The Butcher”, he was the regime”s military commander and linked to many atrocities of the…

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How Insensitive Can the Neighbours Get?


Representatives of the Thai feature film ‘Ghost Game’ held a press conference today (Wednesday, April 26th) to apologize for any misunderstanding regarding depiction of the movie’s events at a location said to resemble the Khmer Rouge Toul Sieng prison in…

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