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Khmer Politics the Soap Opera IV

Hun Sen srolev 2 (Bloomberg)

An almost quiet week this by recent standards, it started however with one of my favourite stories this week, The Iron Man’s phone call to Prince R, in the depths of the French countryside, to let him know the bitch-slapping…

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More Lessons from the Police Blotter

police blotter new

Why is that, according to the Phnom Penh Post, almost every violent encounter ends with someone being “axed” or “chopped?” If I had never been to Cambodia, I would picture it as a country full of maniacal lumberjacks. Anyway, some…

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David Mitchell


As most of the readers of 440 will be aware David was murdered on Tuesday evening in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong. I would like to offer my warmest sympathies to David’s family and all of his…

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French/ Khmer SWAT Team Foil Steve McQueen Style Sex Criminal


An American man was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing at least six girls in Cambodia, police said Saturday. The 50-year-old unidentified American was detained Friday night in the capital Phnom Penh after trying to avoid arrest by ramming his motorcycle…

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