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‘Wake Up CPP’


Until last month’s national election, the first rule of Cambodian politics was: don’t talk about Cambodian politics. Khmers are tired of fighting; Cambodians spent the last 35 years recovering from the Khmer Rouge regime while Hun Senand the CPP have…

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Memories from the Cambodian Election Trail

CNRP SR PNH Democracy Square 6Aug2013-1

I returned home to the village pagoda with the taste of afternoon coffee still in my mouth to find Supon waiting for me. He wore a white cap and polo shirt emblazoned with the logo of the Cambodian People’s Party…

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Scumbag Scallan Does Scambodia

Mike Scallan

There comes a point in many people’s lives when the urge to escape life becomes overwhelming. Fleeing from bank debts, failed businesses, relationship breakdowns, loan sharks, drug dealers and illegitimate children happens often enough, and is sometimes justified and sometimes…

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Battambang: Cafe Flirt Brit Arrested for Abusing Boys


Investigators from the Battambang Provincial Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and the Protection of Minors arrested the proprietor of the Cafe Flirt at 5:30 pm (no date given, but possibly the 28th June) on his premises located in Mpay OsapeaVillage (20th…

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Khmer Thief Tortured by his Russian Captors

russian torturers

Sihanoukville A man who broke into a house to steal an old Nokia phone quickly became the victim instead when the foreign residents, suspected to be Russians, caught the thief, cut up his fingers and continued torturing him. Sihanouk provincial…

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Royal Funeral Procession Route and Times


Phnom Penh City Hall issued a statement on the 17th of January, 2013, regarding the date, time and route of the upcoming trial funeral procession for Norodom Sihanouk. Trial dates: (2 days) the 19th and 26th of January, 2013 Trial…

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M Fone Merges with Mobitel After Declaring Bankruptcy


Saturday, 12 January 2013 08:34 ដោយៈ ដើមអម្ពិល (DAP)-ID: 009 Phnom Penh – The giant mobile phone company M Fone has merged with the Mobitel mobile phone network after ceasing operations due to financial constraints. M Fone, which has been in…

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Boeung Keng Kong 1 Crime Wave Continues Unabated

BKK1 robbery

Phnom Penh – A man was seriously wounded when armed robbers fired 5 shots at him before making off with his 2013 125cc (Dream) moto. The shooting occurred in front of the Anh Chay Ly Spa* on Street 310, in…

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Nunchaks-Wielding, Music-Blasting Monk Defrocked

bad monk

Battambang Province – An ordained monk ភិក្ខុមួយអង្គ (lit Bhikkhu) was arrested by authorities and defrocked by the Provincial Office of Religious Affairs after he had bludgeoned a fellow novice monk នេនមួយអង្គ (lit Nhen) with a pair of nunchaks ដំបង២កំណាត់ severely…

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Russian Shot in front of Phnom Penh House: Motive Unknown

shotrussian (1)

Wednesday, 27 November, 2012 Phnom Penh : A Russian man was shot in front of his house by a gunman while opening his car door for some Russian compatriots who had been travelling with him. The Russian had just arrived…

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