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Honey Interruptus, Money Interceptus


Prey Veng Province – A man was detained and questioned by Prey Veng municipal police on the 14th of August before being sent to the provincial court the following day for allegedly bilking a prostitute of her pound of flesh….

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Healing Hands in the Cambodian Jungle


Sai Ya will never walk again. The 26-year-old’s spinal cord was permanently damaged when she was pulled from the wreckage of a car last August and she now lies, paralysed from the waist down, at the Graphis Health Centre, with…

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Romney Foreign Policy Aid Takes Aim at ‘Hong Sun’


What have we learnt about Willard Mitt Romney’s potential future foreign policy towards Cambodia? Well up until recently, not a lot. But that all quite possibly changed last week during a televised debate between Obama’s and Romney’s leading foreign policy…

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Ta Mok’s Takeo House to Become a University

ta mok

Takeo Province: As student numbers increase from year to year, Build Bright University Takeo Branch has expanded its facilities to meet the influx of students for the approaching school year (2012-2013). Renovations of the old Ta Mok house in Takeo…

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2nd ABBA Bodybuilding Competition Sizzles this Summer Again in Siem Reap.


Saturday, July 21st 2012 will sizzle this summer in Siem Reap when the one day bodybuilding competition gets underway at Angkor Century Hotel which is marking a major milestone for 2nd ABBA competition this year. Competitors will be judged on…

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Trouble at TEDxPP: Ray Leos Responds


Ray Leos, Dean, Faculty of Communications and Media Arts; Professor of Law and Communications at PUC gives his personal response to events at this year’s TEDxPP conference. I would like to thank K440 for giving me the opportunity to clear…

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Trouble at TEDXPP

trouble at ted

I assume there must be someone in Phnom Penh who hasn’t yet heard the troubled rumors emanating from yesterdays TEDXPP conference, In fact, for some time before conference a petty online spat between John Weeks (who had been prominent in…

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Damming The Mekong: Cambodia Facing A Thai-Made ‘Catastrophe’

clearing road at xayaburi dam

Weighing up short-term economic gains against long-term environmental costs is always a thorny issue in geopolitics. But when the profits are reaped in one country and the ecological costs are suffered in another, then it’s all the more problematic. There…

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Cambodia’s Booming – So Why Is It The ‘Least Thriving Country In The World’?

old woman

I read a column in the Bangkok Post this week, entitled Poor Cambodia Not Looking So ‘Poor’ Anymore, which began as a thank you letter congratulating Cambodian PM Hun Sen for his hospitality during the ASEAN summit. The letter took…

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‘Sotheby’s Tried To Sell $3m Khmer Statue – And Knew It Was Stolen’

Khmer statue (1)

The 1,000-year-old temple guardian was meant to “convey power over malicious demons, thereby offering comfort for devotees,” according to Sotheby’s sales blurb. But it’s certainly not bringing any comfort to the world-famous auctioneers following allegations it put the statue up…

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