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”I shouldn?t have eaten the bloody noodles?” I said to myself, as I viewed the desperate scene. An hour beforehand I had been sitting at a roadside restaurant in Kampong Chhnang. We were about one hundred kilometres from Phnom Penh…

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An Eastern Approach: Vox’s Ongoing Travels in Cambodia 2


Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom We set off in high spirits. Our little convoy passed over the Japanese bridge as Phnom Penh gathered itself for another day. The streets teemed with people exercising and heading to their jobs or the…

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An Eastern Approach: Vox’s Ongoing Travels in Cambodia


A mostly factual account of travelling through Eastern Cambodia Setting Out Winston Churchill famously made a dramatic speech about ”fighting the Laotians on the beaches” when their vast invasion force in Calais looked to be preparing to invade England in…

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A Warning to Flame Jugglers: Part 2 – Opening Exchanges


His opening attack almost had me. His large flame pointed weapon nearly caught me on the side of the head as he attacked. I ducked as the flame slightly singed my coiffure. I smelt the acrid smell of human hair…

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The Boeng Kak Lake Freak Show

american beggar

I dragged my girl up to the lake one afternoon for breakfast. I don’t go there often, especially in the morning, but I had an inexplicable craving for museli, and I didn’t know where else to get a bowl but…

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The Natives Are Restless (An Uninvited Dinner Guest in Pursat)


Some time ago I went to visit the throbbing metropolis of Pursat for a few days and this is what happened. I was in my room on the night of my arrival and I thought I would wander out and…

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Pepsi 1, Coca Cola 0


Cambodia is a country of myths and fables where gossip in the street becomes fast fact in minutes. Everyone remembers the mung bean fiasco of last year, the Thais demanding Angkor Wat or many different home remedies. Sorting fact from…

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Fear, Fancy and Fiction in Cambodia: A journey heroic in scale and ambition


It all started as I sat sipping a Pimm’s on my balcony in the provinces. My stallion Argonaut stood happily in the front paddock, chewing sugar cane, and smiling fondly at Peggy, his pink flanked companion and friend from Phnom…

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