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All Out of (Cooking) Gas

cooking gas

While popping a batch of popcorn for a lunchtime snack and with a dinner party at our home only hours away, I make the startling discovery that we were really, really low on propane. As in,almost completely out of gas….

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Cycling Through Kandal Province

skip kandal1

Bumping on my mountain bike along a rock-strewn path beneath the Japanese Bridge leading into Kandal province, I heard a bizarre lowing sound from behind. Assuming it was some goofball Cambodian guy on a motorbike with one of the amusing…

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Raving and Games in the Rice Fields – New Year in the Provinces


New Year comes but once a year, well, 3 times if you live in Cambodia. Finally the last one is done and dusted, ready for the rains, which made their timely appearance the day after. Most expats welcome the holiday,…

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Going Batty in Battambang – Life in the Provinces


The last couple of articles I have written for this esteemed website could be perceived by some as being a little cynical or perhaps at times even a touch vitriolic. To even the score the following story is nicer: a…

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Don’t Mount a Water Buffalo aka Putting Koh Rong to Rights

KoRongBeach.jpg (800x600)

When you find yourself pulling electrical wires from sockets of blasting speakers in a furious attempt to remove the Formula Milk promotion company that are set up just inside the front gates of the school in which you work-at least…

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There’s Something Stale in this Month’s Bayon Pearnik


So I grabbed a copy of the April 2013 Bayon Pearnik while departing one of my favorite lunch spots today. As I was flipping through the magazine’s highlights (the hostess bar ads), I ran across an article on page 28…

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Man Bites Dog – More Tails from the Provinces


Anybody keeping half an eye on European media over the last few months cannot help but notice the uproar over traces of horse DNA found in Findus Crispy Pancakes and LidlXtra Value burgers. The issue, it seems, is not about…

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A Rotten Fish Pong In Battambang


I hired a crap bicycle that kept losing a pedal and went in search of what I’d been told was one of the smelliest places in the world – Cambodia’s prahok-making hub, Phsar Prahok, on the banks of the Sangker…

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Funeral Weekend Cabin Fever


Sunday 3rd February marked four years since I landed in Phnom Penh. That first morning I woke to the crash of cymbals outside and went to stand out on the balcony, feeling the waves of tropical heat rise up from…

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Where Life Slows Down and Silence Rushes In: The Lazy Beach Experience


It’s rush hour in Lazy Beach, which means there are six people floating in the azure water watching the late afternoon sun disappear into the Gulf of Thailand. There’s no noise from hammering, shouting or motorbikes. Only the distant buzzing…

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