The fortunes in store for an Adventurer from the western lands in Asia might could read just like a tarot card deck. Perhaps there is a set of fortune ?cards? unique to every place one may go to live, but certainly Cambodia has its …


There is certain a psychological symptom that manifests itself after many ugly breakups. Jilted lovers, weary husbands, parting on bitter terms come to think of their ex’s as ‘the bitch who wrecked my life.’

Some men undoubtedly feel their ex’s don’t want them to be …


Who would ever think that buying a girl a drink in a bar could be controversial? Make it a ladydrink in a hostess bar, however, and you’re guaranteed to get a wide range of conflicting opinions.

Bar owners will say that ladydrinks exist for …


It was two years ago that I read Francois Bizot’s The Gate for the first time. Lying in bed on the fourth floor of a Khmer hotel, the window open next to me, the sun pounring through threadbare curtains, the book drew me into …


Chapter One -Finding a Job

Unit One – Preparing your Job Search

Lesson One – Numbers, Streets, and Places to teach

Page One – Exercise One – Paragraph One – Sentence One – Word One
– One

One thing is certain about your new life in Cambodia – getting …

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I was living near the Capitol Guesthouse when I first came to Phnom Penh nearly five years ago. One day I went out about noon for a fruit shake and wandered around fruitlessly for about an hour. I”d remembered seeing many shake stands …


Human society, until today, remains dominated by peasant mentality; that is, the preoccupation with economy.

Communism has an attraction for the poor as it offers the promise that all of its beneficiaries will be equal to each other. What really happens though is that …


It was just after midday early last year that I received a phone call from my younger brother. A tremor in his voice betrayed woeful tidings as he proceeded to inform me that Dad or ?Papa Deke? had passed away suddenly in the Philippines …


That day was her only one off that month, and she wanted to go to Kandal to see her family.

It wasn’t often that she got to see them. She was born in a village and grew up farming and fishing, but she …


Ko Ko Ro Japanese Restaurant
Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Sake, all the usual eats and Japanese treats.

18 Sihanouk Boulevard, Phnom Penh.
(Southside of the road, East of Norodom Boulevard, West of Sothearos Boulevard)
11:00 to 14:00; 17:30 to 21:00

After rather too many beers at DV8, followed by a …