Phnom Penh actually has a design. This is uncommon among cities. They either grew organically and haphazardly, streets added in every direction as needed, or, as is typical of much of America, they are grids strictly oriented to the points of the compass. There …


During the three years at my former school, I found trends in employing people from different parts of the globe. It certainly led me to have preferences for different nationalities. I thought I would share with all who want to read this how nations …


I still remember my mother’s response the first time I told her I was visiting Cambodia about four years ago. She paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Isn’t that where they go to have sex with little boys?”

I don’t know exactly …

Dog riding

A recent traveler in Vietnam had this to say: ‘I’d love to eat dog, if for no other reason than to annoy all those dog lovers for whom the welfare of their pooch is more important than the welfare of their fellow man.’

I …

samlot waterfall 038

Tasanh Market in the clean early December morning light was a disorderly place with hyena like dogs trotting through piles of rubbish and chubby, greasy faced children wrapped up well in colourful nylon jackets. As we picked at bai suh ch’rook breakfasts fortifying us for a ride out to see waterfalls and on …

koh dach

Now that we’re in the heart of the hot season, you often long for a weekend at the beach, where the heat doesn’t soak your shirt with sweat and make you sticky and uncomfortable, but where you can bask in the hot sun …


I’m curious about how many expats plan to live the rest of their lives (in other words, die) in Cambodia. I’m not asking if you’re a “deathpat” who is intentionally or at least recklessly drinking, drugging or whoring yourself to imminent death.

It’s just that …


Representatives of the Thai feature film ‘Ghost Game’ held a press conference today (Wednesday, April 26th) to apologize for any misunderstanding regarding depiction of the movie’s events at a location said to resemble the Khmer Rouge Toul Sieng prison in Cambodia.

Executive Producer Napat …


These days, it seems that there is a lot of chattering about such words, from a certain class of people. Great importance is placed in them, policies are written about them, jobs and whole careers are being created to study, implement, monitor, evaluate and report on them.

Of course, before all this Re-Packaging, Re-Branding, Re-Marketing and Re-Investment, we just had the good old fashioned ‘Equal Opportunities’ principle. The basic premise of which, was that you had to treat everyone equally and fairly, regardless of sex/race/creed/nose length/or whatever.

Which was great, that is the way that it should be; the same rules should apply to everyone equally, regardless of gender, belief structure, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

A level playing field, with no favoured or disavowed players.

However, now with a mini industry being created out of such things, anyone who does not conform to being ‘actively proactive in the activities of Inclusion’ is under suspicion.

Any infraction, or suspected infraction, of not championing certain types of people before and above other types of people and you are under the microscope.

Every comment is analysed, every sentence is removed from its original context and dissected for any trace of evidence that can be used against you.

Anything said in humour – guilty
Anything not in line with the current views of the organisation – guilty
Anything that Dr Weird Beard does not personally like – guilty
Anything said that the most extreme and radical of the Uber Politically Correct gets upset about – well, forget guilty, just go straight to Sentencing

With all of this, the NGO Powers That Be get their panties in a bunch. Unbeknown to the intended victim, they converse and conspire, they circle their wagons and decide on courses of action. Everywhere from the Phnom Penh Programme Office to Topaz to Cafe Java to the London HQ, the cry can be heard – ‘Burn the Witch.’