Imagine the year is 2036. George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard, the current leaders of the USA, the UK and Australia are being persecuted by the UN for the War on Terrorism that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq and the alleged atrocities that …

The Walkman saga continues… but first an update on the down-home ferry. It”s no longer operating from the southern location at the foot of Street 144. There are now two regular sized ferry boats operating from the foot of Street 106. The service, as a result, is more frequent but there is no longer an pption of boating across after about 8.30PM.

Quite a while ago I caught a fragment of an obscure movie. I have no idea what its name is – which nonetheless, evidently, made a lasting impression. It was about a young fellow who spent his whole life confined to one block in New York City. I didn?t see the part which explained his aberrant behavior, but it clearly must have been a traumatic early life experience.

The fascinating part is how he could manage to provide for his needs in such a confined space. New York, of course, is very dense. One long block, sometimes more than 200 meters, can have hundreds of stores fronting on it and thousands of people living in its apartment houses. Still he probably had to ask favors of friends for those things which he couldn?t access on his own. I”m just guessing; as I said, I only saw a little part of it and it could have been decades ago.

Little did I know when I was watching that movie way back then that I would someday be able to relate it to my own life. In my case, my block is how far I”m comfortable walking. Of course, I can leave whenever I want and use wheels whenever it suits me, but still, I do feel somewhat constrained. When people tell me about an attraction over by the lake, I say, gee, that”s really far, I don”t get around those parts very often. Martini”s? Once every couple of

Regardless, I really don”t feel like I”m missing very much. For me the beauty of living in Phnom Penh is that I actually can take care of almost all of my needs by walking. There are far more bars within an easy walk than I could ever get around to frequenting. Restaurants, markets, bus stations, just about everything I need is at shoe leather distance.


Let’s get this out of the way right now. I’ve had a professional interest in bargirls for some time. Some would say too much of an interest and for too long.

I can’t help it. I find bargirls fascinating. It’s not because I?m obsessed …


Khmer language Karaoke

Strangling chickens

Khmer language Karaoke

Shouting at their children

Khmer language Karaoke

Picking up motos, and then dropping them

Khmer language Karaoke

Spitting from the back of the throat

Khmer language Karaoke

Holding a different wedding / funeral every weekend

Khmer …


This very impressive picture is part of an animated time map showing the extent of the Khmer Empire between 100 CE – 1550 CE.

At its maximum extension at the end of the European 12th Century – according to the writer Norman Lewis in his …


In ‘To Admire or Despise?’ I talked at length of the lingering bitterness, resentment, and vindictiveness that some men feel after breaking up with bargirls. But the bargirls, of course, share some of those feelings. And this often leads to other questions central to …


The first time I was out walking late at night in Phnom Penh, more than four years ago, I was with friends on Street 19 up around Street 108. Oooh, creepy, was the general response. There certainly has never been a dearth of anecdotal …


Why go to Samlot? Aid workers, both foreign and Khmer go there as do missionaries, but rarely do tourists or visitors get to this isolated, edge-of-the-world north-western district of Cambodia.

Apart from the aid workers and missionaries, Samlot, as a last redoubt of the Khmer …


Lord Playboy’s Singaporean whirlwind of work and play.

Recently I had need to go to Singapore for a conference, the meetings were all on the Tuesday and Wednesday, thus the idea was born, I and two friends would fly out on the Friday before, have …


I like the conversations here. Maybe it’s because I hang around with deranged alcoholics. Or perhaps it’s all the old perverts I’ve met while doing research at hostess bars. Or it might just be the permissiveness of expatriate society. But I rarely go out …