Jenny Conrad visits HaHaHoHo: Phnom Penh’s first Korean board game cafe.

One of the latest businesses to open its doors in Toul Tom Pong, HaHaHoHo Board Game Cafe is less of a cafe than a concept. This is a place where the menu you are handed …

nathan school

Vice and Slate writer Nathan Thompson explains how he coped with life in an isolated Khmer village.

Living solo in a Cambodian village is like being addicted to hard drugs – an interesting experience, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I should have followed the …

Rice 1 article

Pedro joins village Khmer women in the fields harvesting rice.

Rice – the bane of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok and fills an empty stomach, but to be honest it lacks a certain culinary flair, especially when it’s heaped out into …


Some of you may recall my first review of a Glenn Wool comedy presentation, done last year when Mr. Wool visited the Kingdom of Wonder for the first time. I use the term “review” loosely when describing that particular piece of writing because …

happy balloon

Top Banana and Blue Dog guesthouses in Phnom Penh now sell “happy balloons” at the enterprising price of $2 each. The balloons are full of Nitrous Oxide – classically known as laughing gas and colloquially dubbed “hippy crack” because of …

Following on from an acclaimed show on December 10, The Comedy Club Cambodia kicks off 2014 with a very special gig. Canadian comic Glenn Wool will be bringing his genius and subversive brand of humour to Equinox on Thursday …

Caption 2014 1

Barang ‘human rights’ worker uses human shield to get to Gloria Jean Coffee Shop… then promptly tweets about Khmer injustice while sipping his latte.


Yes another story about driving! No matter how much you may complain, be satisfied in the knowledge that your life is probably a thousand times more interesting than mine right now.

I decided to depart from my old stomping ground of Battambang after a two-year …

vadim scott 1

Canadian arrested for child rape

Byline: ផ្កាយព្រឹក
Sunday, 5th January, 2014, 2:06 pm

Battambang Province

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Youth Protection Office of the Battambang Provincial Police arrested a Canadian man on suspicion of having taken a 14 year old boy to his room for sex …

drunk american1

….and then practices karate moves on bemused cops.

Friday, 3rd January, 2014, 9:47 am

Phnom Penh

-A drunken American man drove his car into a 6 meter deep drainage canal, but managed to swim away with the help of an onlooker who pulled him ashore.

The …