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When Will Angkor Wat Be Sold To China?


I was quite surprised by the fuss this week over the announcement that a full-scale replica of the world-famous temple of Angkor Wat is to built thousands of miles away on the banks of the Ganges in India. The trust…

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Stop Those Cambodian Witches’ Knickers Flapping


It’s hard to spend more than a few minutes in Cambodia without noticing the appalling amount of rubbish everywhere. There are plastic bag graveyards beside every road, rivers choked full of bottles and cans, and witches’ knickers in every tree….

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Tuk Tuks and Learning to Bite your Tongue


I’ve got a Dutch expat friend who has a rather novel idea for dealing with what he calls the “scourge of tuk tuks in Cambodia”. “They should do what they do in Tunisia!” he says. “Ban them from even talking…

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Cambodian Food: The Chef Hailed As A Genius By Raymond Blanc

riviere in kitchen1

My nine-month quest to learn how to cook Cambodian food hasn’t been an easy one. There are only a few decent cookbooks on the subject, and even they’re filled with contradictions, making it even harder to get to the bottom…

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Spit-Roast Cows Banned For ‘Inciting Violence’

barbecued cow (Dom)

One of the strangest stories of the week must surely be the government ban on spit-roasting cows in public. Apparently, pen-pushers in Phnom Penh think the sight of calf carcasses being slowly barbecued and then chopped up in full view…

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The Poor Are Losing Their Homes, But It’s OK, An Elephant Has Been Saved


Call me heartless, but I must admit I greeted the news this week that Cambodia’s most famous elephant had finally been retired not just with sympathy but with a huge amount of disbelief. It’s easy to become hard in a…

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Prahok: My Secret Addiction to Cambodia’s Infamous Fermented Fish ‘Cheese’

prahok fry

For the past few weeks, I’ve been staying in a guesthouse in Phnom Penh, writing every day in the restaurant downstairs, and trying to get the printed version of my book sorted. It’s a relaxing place, filled with backpackers all…

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On The Trail Of The Coconut Man

coconut man pose

I first heard about the Coconut Man during a late night conversation in a bar with a strange man who claims to be an ex-forces agent, wades through swamps with king cobra serum in a holster on one leg, and…

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