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Charlie Chaplin’s Cambodia


Charlie and Paulette were big news, the reporters descended, and Charlie entertained them “with much courtesy and charm” in the hotel bar (presumably the Elephant Bar). Phnom Penh, he said, was charming, the palaces and pagodas delightful, the Cambodian houses picturesque. He felt he had to question whether French Colonial villas (the ones the Europeans lived in) were perhaps a little suburban and uncomfortable, but the wide boulevards, built over newly-reclaimed canals, were the equal of those in Paris. Asked if he might consider making a movie in Cambodia, he didn’t rule it out, but also didn’t see it happening in the immediate future. He would, however, undertake to publicise Indochina as a tourist destination on his return home. Continue reading

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Angkor Wat’s Geoglyph Gardens

Xinghua China3

A June 2013 UNESCO report on the first “lidar” aerial laser survey of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which exposes topography under tree canopy, has revealed a mysterious geoglyph attached to this great temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The…

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Sixty-Nine’s Running Time


When we went to collect our bibs the day before the Angkor Wat 2012 Half Marathon, I felt that it was nothing but a good omen that I was lucky number 69. I would need some luck. I couldn’t stand…

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When Will Angkor Wat Be Sold To China?


I was quite surprised by the fuss this week over the announcement that a full-scale replica of the world-famous temple of Angkor Wat is to built thousands of miles away on the banks of the Ganges in India. The trust…

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Talks on Safeguarding Angkor

Colonial Angkor Wat

There have been a series of meetings this week, which were reported in the Phnom Penh Post . PhD candidate Georgina Lloyd recently gave a lecture in Siem Reap about safeguarding Cambodia’s intangible cultural heritage.She says “There is a complex…

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A Cambodian History Lesson


You may well have noticed, since it’s been widely reported in the global media, that some interesting conclusions have been drawn from research into the downfall of the Cambodian empire centred on Angkor Wat. For those of you who missed…

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The Real ‘Lonely Planet’ Guide To Angkor Wat


The scale of achievement at Angkor Wat is certainly something – for a few centuries it was the centre of an impressive empire, and a population of over a million lived there at a time when London had a twentieth…

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Angkor Wat Tourist Brochure Circa 1937


Hat Tip to Jeff at the Jungle Blog

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Marathon (half) Man……


Acclaimed 440 e-mail hoaxer Gavin Mac fancies running the Ankor Half Marathon. But first he needs to straighten out a few details…… [email protected] Dear Marathon Director- from “Gavin Mac” I am very excited about entering the 2005 Angkor Wat International…

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Quote of the Day


”Were the ex-bandits unreliable at night? Oh no it was not that. On the contrary they were very disciplined. Well then, what was it?….the tigers, perhaps? No it wasn’t the tigers either..but the fact was that after dark Angkor was…

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