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Five More Past Tense Phnom Penh Bars


Hear me out, will you? I’ve got this theory. It’s called the Quantity Theory of Awful Bars; one goes, another comes along to fill its place. Dingo Bar closed. Well, say hello to Bar 108. That unstable drunk from Chez…

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Nine Phnom Penh Bars You Can No Longer Drink In


If beer came naturally from wells in Kampot or Kratie or Kandal Province , Dick Chaney would have been sufficiently entranced to move to Phnom Penh long ago. In fact, he wouldn’t have even needed to export the stuff to…

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Phnom Penh Hostess Bars Update 2


The last hostess bars review left off a few so some of us decided that we would visit a few of the less well known Hostess establishments and give a more in depth review of each so that owners and…

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Phnom Penh Hostess Bars Update


Love them or hate them, Phnom Penh’s hostess bars pull in hundreds if not thousands of tourists and expats every night of the week, and Street 136 is quickly delevoping into Hostess Bar Ground Zero. Stuart aka Bar One looks…

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Oldies in Cambodia


First off, I’m 45, slim (no beer belly), have most of my hair and believe myself to be reasonably attractive. No, I am not offering myself up for matchmaking or lonely hearts. It is just to let you know that…

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Ten Things I’ve Come to Know in Cambodia: #1 – the Barkeep


1) Torrential rain during wet season is your enemy unless, of course, you have a full bar – in which case it’s your new best friend. 2) People like to know what they are getting before they get it, which…

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Cambodia Metamorphosis: Peaceman Becomes Brickman


Let me tell you how I met this guy. It was just last month. I remember the date – April 6th – because it was the same day I got evicted from the guest house where I had spent the…

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Cambodia Traveller


I was taking to some fellow in a bar in Sihanoukville and when he heard I was a fan of Whiskey he recommended Rory’s in Phnom Penh. He went one better than that and rang up Rory to introduce me….

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Quiet Beer in Phnom Penh?

You know the problem. You are enjoying a quiet can of Tiger beer in an almost empty bar when the bloke ten feet further down the bar looks up and says: “I used to be an astronaut, you know.” That…

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So You Always Wanted to Own a Bar in Phnom Penh…


There’s nothing to it. For a minimum few thousand bucks you can join the swelling ranks of Phnom Penh bar owners. All you need is customers and you’re set. Some local bars do a great business, so why not yours?…

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