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Total Spending – How to Blow Your Savings in Cambodia


Having just arrived back in England after a crazy two and a half months in Cambodia, I have had time to reflect on how I managed to splurge so much money in so little time. I have come to the…

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Gavinmac’s Guide to Playing ‘Connect Four’ with Khmer Bargirls


I still remember the night that I found my true passion in a Phnom Penh bar of questionable repute. It was my second trip to Cambodia, and I heard about a new “hostess bar” that had recently opened in town….

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Cambodia Barworld Studies: Bar Banishment


In ‘To Admire or Despise?’ I talked at length of the lingering bitterness, resentment, and vindictiveness that some men feel after breaking up with bargirls. But the bargirls, of course, share some of those feelings. And this often leads to…

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Cambodian Bar Etiquette


Go into your chosen establishment and sit at your preferred table, sofa, bar, whatever. Within 3 seconds between 1 and 3 highly attractive barmaids or waitresses will appear at your side carrying drinks lists, menus, cocktail lists, whatever. The usual…

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